Recruitment podcasts have been the talk of the staffing town since long now and last year, Recruit CRM had launched its podcast with a special series called “Recruitment Entrepreneurs” where we have been featuring amazing entrepreneurs from Human Resources, recruitment startups and even talent acquisition managers and leaders. Here we are with our 4th episode today.

Benjamin Kadic, Managing Director of Popcorn Recruiters by Storsen Global Outsourcing Services, a global talent acquisition and nearshore outsourcing service provider, has been the talk of the recruiting world since a long time now. With its head office in Prague and delivery operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they support their clients with exceptional talents in BPO, human capital, finance, logistics, IT, and global business solutions.

Founded in 2010 and based in the centre of Europe (Czech Republic), Storsen is specialized in outsourcing services in Eastern Europe and capable of providing BPO, RPO, and ITO services. Storsen’s most significant capital is a proven record of staging world-class integrated operations across the Czech Republic and Eastern European countries. They help you get the bigger picture by expanding a recruiter’s search to foreign candidates on local markets as well as incredible talent abroad.

Kadic tells us how he had built a massive network with his 10+ years’ experience and working across different markets and industries. With his crucial skills and expertise in business development, recruitment, sales and marketing, he had managed to build, lead and nurture numerous teams throughout his career while working on different projects.

Tune into our 4th episode of Recruitment Entrepreneurs series and hear everything about Benjamin’s recruitment journey!

Recruitment Entrepreneurs – Episode 4 – Ft. Benjamin Kadic

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