Currently based in Dubai, Viacheslav Eliseev, a Russian by birth, has been professionally engaged in different fields of collaboration and effective work with Arabic language in a variety of areas for over 17 years. His venture into recruitment, about 7 years back fell upon his lap all of a sudden as he had no prior plans of starting a recruitment business of his own.

Viacheslav completed his Bachelor’s degree in Philology and then completed PhD in Philology, Linguistic, Comparative, and Related Language Studies and Services from People’s Friendship University of Russia. He has been a correspondent and a radio talk show host of Arabic service of Russian Radio station, Voice of Russia, an interpreter and translator, Arabic language teacher for non-native speakers, head of the Arab countries sector in the International department of the People’s Friendship University, linguist-developer, recruiter and an HR-manager.

With an avid interest in working in the media environment, especially because of the fact that he likes new challenges and such active jobs give him a feeling of making an invaluable contribution in the fast-changing wave of understanding the world without any language barriers. Being a head of his own unique HR and recruiting project, Job for Arabists, he feels a strong passion in other people and making efforts to provide them with access to unique job opportunities.

Tune into our 17th episode of Recruitment Entrepreneurs series and hear Eliseev talk all about his recruitment entrepreneurial journey while being in the United Arab Emirates.

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