Based in Sydney, Brett Clemenson with a Bachelor’s in business— Human Resources Management from Australian Catholic University is leading one of LinkedIn-recognised most socially engaged staffing firm, ALRA. He was happy to explain to us the process of setting up his own recruitment firm and the difference between working as a recruiter for 7 years and owning a recruitment firm for 7 years.

Known widely as one of the recruitment agencies to provide the best candidate and client experience, ALRA provides a 360-degree service to place candidates into a new role at no additional cost where every experience is customised as per individual needs. With a staff retention rate of 98% in their 5 years history, his staffing firm is yet to lose a client. How crazy is that?!

Set out to be Australia’s Leading Recruitment Agency for professional services across Legal, Accounting, Environmental, Engineering and Property Valuations, Clemenson’s recruitment entrepreneurial journey is not so basic if you think it to be.

Tune in to our 16th episode of Recruitment Entrepreneurs series to hear Brett’s journey in setting up ALRA to writing on a whiskey bottle each time they break a record, you’re up for a fun conversation here.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs- Episode 16- Ft. Brett Clemenson

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