You wouldn’t believe us if we said, Jonathan Clues had pursued a career (from 1990 to 1998) as a professional racing driver around Europe, Asia, the USA & Canada, winning two national championships and over 20 races. How crazy is that?!

A native of London, Clues has been fortunate to enjoy two very different, but equally challenging, and rewarding careers.

After his stint as a race car driver, he turned his attention to business, in particular the Internet. With his massive love for startups and entrepreneurship, he started Student Bridge Inc. almost eight years ago.

Their mission?

To vastly improve (and leave a long-lasting mark) on the annual grind that is college selection for students, and the subsequent recruitment efforts of colleges to find the right student.

When not working you will find him spending time with his wife and two daughters and in any rare spare time, flying.

Tune in to the 30th episode to hear Jonathan talk all about his racing days to money management and finding success with Student Bridge in this episode.

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