In our very first episode of “The Recruitment Scoop,” we sat down with Andrew Walbert, a seasoned sourcing specialist with a career spanning the tech sector.

He has shared valuable insights and practical recruitment tips to help you enhance your sourcing strategies and stay ahead in the competitive market.

Get right in!

But what is Recruitment Scoop about?

This series from Recruit CRM covers the latest recruitment trends, burning issues, and challenges recruiters face daily. 

You can access the secrets and discover state-of-the-art tricks and tips used by experts for smarter recruiting!

5 unmissable recruitment tips from Andrew

recruitment tips

1. Maximize your data

Andrew emphasizes the importance of leveraging data to uncover hidden talent. 

He suggests mastering boolean searches and Google X-ray searches to access valuable information beyond typical platforms like LinkedIn. 

You can gather scrapable data that provides a broader spectrum of candidates using advanced sourcing techniques.

This will help you identify potential hires that might otherwise be overlooked.

2. Master essential skills

Key skills for sourcing specialists include building data-scraping recipes, analyzing big data, and digital networking

Andrew highlights the need for proficiency in these areas to streamline the sourcing process and improve efficiency.

By developing these skills, you can efficiently manage large volumes of information, identify trends, and create targeted candidate pools.

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3. Personalize your outreach

Forget automation—personalized experience is key! 

The master sourcing specialist recommends using filters to gauge interest and sending customized texts to engaged candidates. 

“Personalizing every message across LinkedIn can be challenging,” but it’s worth it. 

—Andrew Walbert, Senior Sourcing Specialist. 

Such an outreach shows applicants that you have done your homework and are genuinely interested in their background and career aspirations. 

It also increases response rates and builds a positive impression of the recruiter and the company they represent.

4. Do your homework

That brings us to our next hack! Thorough research is vital when evaluating candidates.

Andrew checks LinkedIn profiles to ensure alignment with resumes and assesses specialized skills. 

He looks for “synergy between their LinkedIn and their resume” and prepares interview questions based on his findings. 

By investigating candidates’ profiles and networks, you can comprehensively understand their qualifications and fit for the role. 

This meticulous approach ensures that you present well-matched applicants to hiring managers, increasing the chances of successful placements.

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5. Think outside the box

Andrew encourages recruiters to get creative in their sourcing methods

Instead of starting LinkedIn searches from the first page, he suggests beginning from later pages and working backward to discover less visible candidates. 

Additionally, leveraging internal networks and exploring beyond traditional platforms can reveal hidden talent.

“Doing something different and new” is necessary to stand out in a crowded market.

—Andrew Walbert, Senior Sourcing Specialist

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