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Jobs Page

Host your jobs pages on Recruit CRM and source candidates coming on your website directly into Recruit CRM. Easy to use and looks beautiful on your website.

  • Quickest way to source candidates
  • Get profiles directly in Recruit CRM
  • Save time and double work
Job Page Management
Job Board Posting
Organize Recruitment Activities & Eliminate Chaos

Recruit CRM publish your jobs on your job boards automatically, no need to click around and play with 100 buttons to post jobs. Recruit CRM offers the easiest way to post jobs on job boards and makes job board posting way more efficient.

Chrome Extension

Scan LinkedIn profiles and save profiles right from LinkedIn to Recruit CRM. Our chrome extension helps you source candidates directly from LinkedIn, with one click. Recruit CRM chrome extension is the highest rated extension with over 1500+ users and counting. Recruiters love using our chrome extension.

  • Efficient and the most accurate extension on the market
  • Work On Your Records Instantly
Chrome Extension
Talent Pool

Recruit CRM helps you create your talent pool by offering a special page. Our talent pool features contain custom fields, which are 100% customizable. Create your own and unique talent pool pages and start sourcing candidates while you sleep.

  • Get profiles directly in Recruit CRM
  • Reduce the cost of hiring
  • Talent engagement
Talent Pool

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