Applicant Tracking System

Track Candidate Progress Through The Recruitment Lifecycle For Each Position.

best applicant tracking system for staffing agencies

Simplify Candidate’s Journey

candidate management

Instantly Parse Resume From Email

Parse resumes instantly to create new candidates automatically or update candidate profiles.

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hiring management system

Hiring Pipeline

Customize your hiring pipeline to fit into your existing recruitment processes.

Request Updated Resume

We believe in making every candidate's data count for you. Have the most recent and updated resume of your candidates with a single click.

resume tracking system
Candidate Management Software

Jobs & Candidate Management

Assign candidates to multiple jobs and track them through various recruitment stages.

Powerful Filters

Got a position to fill? Filter for your search across all the records at once and find the most appropriate match.

Recruitment CRM with Boolean Search

Achieve new goals - faster

Do more with our Applicant Tracking System

Candidate Database

All the information about a candidate like, his resume, necessary certifications, work history, Social Media handles all on one screen.

Seamless Communication

Our Inbuilt email client allows you to connect your email account to Recruit CRM & helps your team respond to clients and candidates promptly.

Tasks, Notes & Appointments

Our handy reminder widget lets you add Notes/Tasks/Appointments to any candidate, client or job opening.

Mobile Optimized Jobs Page

Get candidate information directly into your database while letting candidates apply from anywhere, at any time.