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Creating a Remote Recruitment Agency [Download Our Ebook]

Recruit CRM Published on Dec 15, 2020

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The unprecedented pandemic created a massive stir in the whole wide world, especially causing more than half of the working population to operate from their homes.

Apart from having a direct mental, physical and economic impact on employees, entrepreneurs, startups, and even established companies worldwide, data from CIPD has shown that work-life balance, well-being, job security and so much more has gone for a toss.

Many economists have identified this as a short-term blip rather than a major depression but blip or no blip, the recruitment and staffing industry has been majorly affected.

For instance, the UK has seen steady growth in recruitment over the past couple of years and since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the latest figures have shown the steepest decline in the recruitment industry since the 2009 global economic crash.

Something Interesting That We've Been Doing As a Company

The BYOD management model became popular as organizations enabled their employees to access business resources on their personal devices and work from home.

Keeping this in mind, apart from powering recruitment firms all over the world and making the recruitment process effortless with our software, our team members have also been researching a great deal about how to build an 'all-remote recruitment agency'.

As almost 80% of the world's working population have been operating remotely for the past 8 months due to the unprecedented pandemic, we decided to bring this resource closer to you.  

The result of this intense research was an eBook that we crafted diligently over this time taking help from various resources available on remote recruitment and now it's ready for our beloved clients and for whoever wants to start on this amazing entrepreneurial journey.

Recruit CRM strongly believes in the power of content and how it can drive value for a business over time.

It has an astonishing power of creating meaningful relationships with consumers and right now, standing in 2022, the power of digital content marketing is REAL.

Hence, we are excited to let you know that our ebook on 'Creating a Remote Recruitment Agency' is finally published!

In case your curious soul wants to read what all topics we have included in our ebook, here is an index for your reference–

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Hybrid Teams In Companies & Why It Doesn’t Work 
  • Let’s Talk About The Advantages Of Going Completely Remote
  • Objective Of The Handbook      
  • Possible Concerns Of A Remote Recruitment Agency Manager  
  • The Secret Sauce For ‘Remote Working’ To Succeed
  • Documentation
  • Communication
  • Further Tips To Stay Connected
  • Tips For Employees Of A Remote Recruitment Agency
  • Creating An Ergonomic Workspace   
  • Success Stories Of Companies That Have Gone ‘Fully Remote’
  • More About Us

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