When you think about teamwork, a motley crew of alien misfits like the Guardians of the Galaxy may not be the first thing that comes to mind. 

But, this intergalactic ensemble perfectly embodies diversity and inclusion in action, showcasing how a team of unique individuals can thrive and excel when working together. 

In the recruitment world, embracing diversity is as crucial for achieving success as having the right weapon for outer world combats. 

So today, we’re exploring how the Guardians provide valuable lessons on diversity hiring and fostering an inclusive working environment. 

4 diversity hiring strategies to learn from the Guardians of the Galaxy

1. Combine and embrace uniqueness to create a thriving team

Diversity hiring
Image source: IGN.com

This ragtag team of adventurers consists of seven unique personalities who are nothing like one another and yet, make the most powerful squad. 

Peter (aka Star-Lord) is a charismatic leader who excels at unifying diverse teammates, while Gamora is a skilled assassin who values varied skills and experiences. 

Drax is an emotionally intelligent warrior who fosters deep connections, and Rocket is a genetically-engineered raccoon who highlights the importance of diverse perspectives. 

Groot is a sentient tree that showcases adaptability and non-verbal communication, while Mantis is an empathetic alien who signifies the importance of empathy in team dynamics. 

Lastly, we have Nebula, a resilient cyborg who demonstrates overcoming challenges for team success.

Each Guardian possesses unique skills and backgrounds, and yet when they face intergalactic threats, they come together seamlessly to fight them using a variety of techniques.

Similarly, while hiring, it is essential to appreciate each candidate’s distinctive talents, experiences, and perspectives, to create a diverse, inclusive, and power-packed team!

2. Include the exceptional(s) to boost team diversity

Diversity hiring tips - Mantis
Image source: mcuexchange.com

The Guardians demonstrate the power of inclusivity by welcoming new members into their team, regardless of their species or past affiliations.

Mantis appears in Vol. 2 and is recruited into the team by Quill. At that time, he knows her as his father’s servant, Ego, and not his half-sister. Yet the team shows no hesitation in taking her in and treating her as an equal.

Recruiters and businesses should also strive to create an inclusive hiring process where all candidates feel valued and seen, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

3. Sympathy and empathy are crucial to foster relationships

Diversity hiring - Groot
Image source: sideshow.com

Open communication among the Guardians allows them to overcome challenges and conflicts.

For instance, Groot’s limited vocabulary challenges his teammates to look beyond verbal communication and pay closer attention to his actions, tone, gestures, and other such forms of expression.

Acknowledging these traits can encourage teams to be more mindful of non-verbal cues and develop alternative communication and collaboration methods.

Another example is that of the gifted alien Mantis. She has the unique ability to sense and influence people’s emotions with a mere touch, which enables her to understand not only her teammates but also others on a deeper level.

Now we all would be very eager to have ‘mind-reading’ abilities, but let’s be realistic; it is impossible, so one can take inspiration to at least try to be receptive if not intuitive.

Remember the importance of being sensitive to the emotions and needs of candidates as well as clients and fostering an environment of trust and support.

4. Diverse and united teams drive business success

Diversity hiring
Image source: joplinglobe.com

The Guardians excel when they combine their skills to achieve a common goal. 

Gamora’s skills as a combatant, Drax’s superhuman strength, Rocket’s strategy, Groot’s dendrokinesis, Mantis’s empathic abilities, and Nebula’s space fighting skills are all harnessed by Quill as their team leader to effectively stand up against their enemies.

Similarly, diverse teams can harness their collective strengths to tackle complex tasks and drive business success. They can identify and leverage individual strengths to create a high-performing team that can overcome any and all hurdles in the workplace.

Also, Peter demonstrates the power of embracing cultural differences. Despite his Earthly upbringing, Star-Lord adapts to life among the stars and learns to appreciate the customs and beliefs of his teammates. 

For recruiters, it’s essential to recognize the value of cultural diversity and actively seek candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The Guardians of the Galaxy exemplify diversity and inclusivity, showcasing how unique skills and experiences create dynamic, successful teams.

Ultimately, the galaxy is indeed big enough for everyone, and it’s up to you to ensure that your clients benefit from the exceptional talents and experiences that diverse candidates bring to the table.

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