Thor: Love and Thunder is out now and we just can’t keep calm!

We, at Recruit CRM, are huge fans and are always here for more God of Thunder content (or is it God of… Hammers? Can’t really tell anymore).

So, what if the Norse God was a recruiter? We’d love him even more!

Here’s our take on how THE Thor would fare as a recruiter.

Imagine if Thor was a recruiter

Kind of wild to imagine the Son of Odin sitting behind a desk, wearing a red cape with his hammer next to him, and spending his day sourcing, interviewing, and selecting candidates, isn’t it?

Let’s say Thor is looking for new recruits to form the Avengers again. How would he deal with candidates and handle the recruitment process?

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1. Break the ice during interviews

what if Thor was a recruiter?

Thor is fun-loving, extroverted, and gregarious. You can call him a people person. Even though his tall stature and majestic appearance can often intimidate people, he never fails to make them adore him.

He has the ability to start conversations, make people feel comfortable, and build a rapport everywhere he goes.

As an interviewer, Thor would know just how to break the ice to make the candidate loosen up.

Even if he doesn’t end up selecting a candidate, he’d be satisfied to know that he made a connection with them and can contact them in the future if needed.

2. Build up, support, and see the best in those around him

what if Thor was a recruiter?

If Thor interviews a candidate, one thing is guaranteed– the candidate would exit the interview with greater insight and a 100% satisfaction rate.

His journey has brought him maturity and perspective to lead people through dark times. His recruitment team would never see a day of poor motivation as he would always be there to lift everyone’s spirit.

This includes clients and candidates.

Thor has gone through a lot of character development over the years. He has loved, lost, gained (weight particularly), and fought great evil in the universe (eh, multiverse).

The lessons he has learned, the feedback he’s acquired, and the guidance he’s received, all contributed to his growth.

He would never hesitate to give his applicants honest feedback every step of the way. He knows how this can help others develop and improve.

Similarly, his clients would be pleased to receive candid communication from him at the right time, good coordination, and an overall healthy relationship.

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3. Know when to get serious

what if Thor was a recruiter?

Yes, Thor is charming and hilarious. He never fails to make people smile. But he is also well aware of his duties.

He’s recruiting, and his responsibility is to find the right hires for the Avengers.

No matter the brilliant ice-breaking and friendly banter, he would always ask the questions needed and test the skills the right way.

The end goal is to find the ideal fit, and he wouldn’t lose his focus. He understands it’s important to lighten the mood and enjoy life but also knows that when it’s time to get serious, he must.

4. Confident that he can deal with challenges thrown his way

what if Thor was a recruiter?

From the very beginning, he always seemed fearless and confident in himself. He stood brave and faced any challenges thrown his way with the utmost courage.

This confidence would make him a great team leader and problem solver. In the face of conflict, he would be able to guide his clients into the light.

He would bring his team together to solve hiring challenges collectively.

When in doubt and disappointment, Thor would be able to restore everyone’s faith in themselves so that they can work through any issue– whether it’s a poor quality talent pool or losing clients to the competition.

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5. Always try to do right by everyone & be fair

what if Thor was a recruiter?

He might not always be the smartest guy in the room, but he tries to do right by everyone.

He’d treat applicants like people and ensure a great candidate experience through and through.

He would maintain clear and timely contact with candidates (also clients and his team), never keeping them in the dark about any aspect of the recruitment process.

He would offer and ask for feedback to improve as well, never letting bias hinder the process as he wishes to treat everyone fairly.

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6. Realize that no one is perfect

what if Thor was a recruiter?

Let’s be honest; Thor has had some arrogance issues in his life.

It has been all the people he has met and the lessons he has learned that has transformed him into a more insightful individual.

Even as the King of Asgard and the God of Thunder, he has endured tremendous failures.

In the Infinity War when the Asgardians were on their way to Earth, Thanos and the Black Order killed most of Thor’s people.

Hulk fell off the Statesman, the Mad Titan badly beat up Thor, killed Loki, and recovered the Tesseract in minutes. The only thing Odinson could do was swear to seek vengeance.

In his attempt to kill Thanos, he didn’t aim for the head, losing the battle to him. He grieved his failure to protect everyone for years.

Upon meeting his mother, Frigga, again, he realized that he had failed because he was like everyone else. No one is perfect, not even a king, a God.

This realization makes Thor empathetic to candidates, understanding their flaws and not wasting time looking for the purple squirrel.

He would not be too quick to judge and would allow candidates the time to show their true potential and prove themselves worthy.

He realizes that flaws or failures don’t define an individual, but their will to improve does.

In final words

This vibrant Avenger has so much to give! When we imagine Thor as a recruiter, we envision a charming Norse God on his way to recruit top talent for a team that wants to protect the entire universe.

Do you think Thor would be a successful recruiter?

Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image credits: Marvel Studios