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That said, in the second episode, we had a fantastic chat with Thomas Jennings, Talent Solutions Manager at 24 Seven Talent, New York. 

His journey from sales and digital marketing to leading the executive search practice at 24 Seven Talent is truly inspiring.

So, he has offered amazing insights and practical tips to change your candidate assessment process. 

No matter where you are on your recruiting journey, Thomas’s advice is gold and relatable.

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5 unbeatable tips to transform your candidate assessment

candidate assessment tips

1. Evaluate career progression 

This should be your motto while evaluating career progression—“Check out the candidate’s career journey like you’re binge-watching a TV series!” 

Look for roles that show growth and increasing responsibilities. This means previous bosses trusted them more and more, which is a great sign they’re ambitious and on the right track. 

Notice patterns of development and ambition—it’s like seeing a character evolve over seasons.

2. Ask detailed questions

Forget the boring, surface-level stuff. Get curious! 

Instead of just asking if they know Excel, dig deeper. Ask about the coolest thing they’ve done with Excel, like making pivot tables or VLOOKUPs. 

You’re looking for those nitty-gritty details that prove they’re not just fluffing their resume

3. Focus on Emotional Quotient(EQ)

Thomas believes in EQ – that’s Emotional Intelligence for the uninitiated. 

It’s not just about being book-smart but about handling emotions – theirs (candidates’) and yours. 

High EQ means they’re great at building relationships and navigating tricky office vibes. 

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4. Ensure transparency and consistency

Think of yourself as a detective. Cross-check their resume, LinkedIn, and any other info. 

If things don’t add up, it’s a red flag

You want candidates who are open books—no surprises down the line! 

Consistency in their stories builds trust and shows they’re reliable.

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5. Build strong relationships quickly

Speed dating, but for jobs! Build a connection fast by being genuinely interested in their career dreams. Keep the conversation flowing and open. 

Trust is key; it helps you determine if they’re the perfect fit sooner. 

Quick rapport-building is like hitting it off instantly on a first date – you just know it’s going to work out.

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