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Career expert AJ Eckstein lists down solid strategies for writing effective job descriptions

A well-prepared job description makes sure that both recruiters and candidates are on the same page.”

AJ Eckstein
Founder and CEO of The Final Round
AJ Eckstein gives expert tips on writing job description


As a Gen Z career expert, I can guarantee you that this generation is playing a whole new ball game when it comes to job hunting.

Research says a confusing job post can turn away 17% of eager applicants. It’s true!

So, how can you craft job descriptions that not only catch the eye but also hit the mark with the right talent? 

In this guide, I’ll cover all the killer tricks to create effective JDs that draw in quality candidates.

Let’s take a look.

How can recruiters craft effective job descriptions? 5 proven strategies 

1. Maintain a clear and consistent format

First things first– a clear format. 

Job descriptions that are well-structured ensure transparency, allowing candidates to grasp the requirements of the role quickly.

Maintain a neat format so the applicants know EXACTLY where to look for the details that matter to them. 

Simply put, a well-prepared job description makes sure that both recruiters and candidates are on the same page. 

Of course, there’s another angle to consider– consistency. 

When all your descriptions follow a similar structure, it reinforces your agency’s brand.

Candidates start to recognize your style, your values, and your way of communicating. 

It’s a subtle yet powerful way to build your employer brand.

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2. Highlight key responsibilities 

Now, start putting together your JD with a clear and brief overview of the role. 

Use bullet points to break down the main responsibilities. 

Keep it neat and organized for the potential applicants to quickly scan through and understand what’s expected.

Remember, clarity is the key to listing down candidates’ qualities

Be super specific with what you need in them versus what would be nice to have. 

3. Avoid jargon and unbiased language

Gen Z job seekers are pretty sharp, and they can easily spot when you throw in those cliché phrases like “join our rocketship” or “we’re like a family.” 

It’s time to keep it real. 

Stick to language that’s professional but also straightforward. 

Avoid dressing it up with fancy terms, which might end up turning off potential candidates. 

Ensuring that your job description is inclusive and free of bias is also a good practice. 

Focus on the skills and qualifications needed for the role rather than their personal characteristics.

Expressing your commitment to diversity and inclusion in your job description boosts the chances of candidate conversions. 

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4. Highlight salary and benefits

You’ve probably noticed more and more states in the US are asking employers to be upfront about pay ranges in their job postings. 

It’s all about transparency. 

And honestly, it’s a win-win. 

When you include the salary range, along with perks like healthcare, retirement plans, and opportunities for professional growth, you’re doing more than just following the rules. 

You’re giving potential candidates the full picture. 

They get to see what they can expect in terms of compensation, and that’s a big motivator for them to hit that apply button. 

5. Optimize SEO

Now, you might wonder if SEO in job postings fits right. 

But hear me out.

In today’s digital world, it’s all about being seen, and SEO is your ticket to visibility. 

When you add relevant keywords (say, “marketing specialist” or “digital marketing manager”) that candidates search for, you boost your job descriptions’ chances to pop up on online job boards and search engines. 

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Though job descriptions may appear as minor components within a broader recruitment strategy, they are often key to recruiting success.

Now that you know all the tricks to create an effective JD, start preparing to hire the best candidates. 

Good luck, recruiters!


AJ Eckstein

AJ Eckstein, founder/CEO of The Final Round, is a Gen Z Career Expert, a Fortune 500 strategy consultant, a LinkedIn Learning Instructor, a Writer for Fast Company & Business Insider, a LinkedIn Top Voice for Hiring, a Forbes Under 30 Scholar, and a global speaker.


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