Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative

Why candidate marketing matters: Insights from recruitment expert Rich Gibbard

“The more candidates you place, the more commissions you earn. The more applicants you spec out, the greater your chances of success.”

Rich Gibbard
Director, Recbound
What Makes Candidate Experience Important


When you visit a restaurant, do you look at the menu before deciding what to eat? I bet you’ll look at the menu even before booking a table.

You’ll probably check out the reviews even before making a call!

You want the restaurant to show you what it has to offer before committing. Or you find a new one that serves the food and ambiance you like.

It is the same as speccing out candidates.

If you don’t show what’s on your menu (i.e., candidates you’re working with or jobs you’re working on), hiring managers will move on to find a new recruiter.

There are millions of options to choose from, and they won’t waste time working with an agency that can’t prove they have a solid network of candidates.

As a recruiter, your primary job is to find the best candidates for your clients. But just finding the right candidate is not enough. 

To convince your clients to hire these candidates, you must market them effectively.

Let’s find out why.

1. Better relationships with clients

Marketing your candidates to clients can help you build a strong relationship with them. 

By showcasing your candidates’ strengths and highlighting their relevant experience, you can demonstrate your commitment to finding the best fit for the client’s needs. 

This can help establish trust and credibility, leading to future business opportunities.

2. Increased chances of a candidate placement

When you market your candidates to prospective clients, you increase the chances of them being hired. 

You can provide detailed information on their skills, experience, and qualifications, which can help the client make an informed decision. 

The best way to differentiate your candidates is by providing them with a personalized marketing strategy.

3. Increased revenue

By successfully placing more candidates, you can increase your revenue. 

This sounds basic, but the more candidates you place, the more commissions you earn. The more applicants you spec out, the greater your chances of success.

Developing a solid relationship with clients will lead to more consistent cash flow.

4. Better candidate retention

Clients who are convinced to hire a candidate because of a well-executed marketing strategy will likely keep the candidate longer. 

This can reduce the chances of the candidate leaving the job soon after they are hired, which can result in the need for a replacement, further adding to the client’s costs

Plus, the candidate appreciates your efforts!

5. Improved candidate branding

Marketing your candidates to clients can help improve their brand

By highlighting their achievements and strengths, you can help them stand out and make a positive impression on the client. 

This also helps improve candidates’ career prospects and increase their chances of being hired for future opportunities.

6. Competitive advantage

Having a personalized approach demonstrates your commitment to finding the best fit for the client’s needs. This can easily give you an edge over other recruiters who may just send resumes and hope for the best.

Recbound has sent 1000s of emails out, which has resulted in:

  Company record fees (£150k+)

  £Multi-million accounts

  Hours of saved time by automating the process

What are you waiting for? Start marketing your candidates today and take your recruitment business to the next level!


Rich Gibbard

Rich Gibbard is the Director of Recbound, who helps recruitment agencies to grow with better marketing. With a track record of helping multinational agencies that cover tech, sales, property, construction, engineering, and more, Recbound is in a great position to help recruiters to make more placements.

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Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative for your recruiting agency


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