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Stand out in recruitment with Joel Lalgee’s personal branding techniques!

“Whether it’s a blog, newsletter, podcast, or social media post, we live in an era where you can easily build a community just by sharing valuable content with relevant readers.”

Joel Lalgee
Founder, The Realest Recruiter
Stand out in recruitment with Joel Lalgee's personal branding techniques!



Recruitment is getting tougher with more teams using smart AI tools for messaging. 

I’ve been advising some of these firms, and let me tell you, we’re on the brink of an AI-driven “Great Spam” wave with so many automated messaging tools. 

That’s why personal branding is becoming crucial. 

It’s not just about selfies and fluff, as some influencers suggest. I’m talking about real community-building online. 

In this blog, I’m going to share why personal branding matters for recruiters and how to nail it, setting you apart in this competitive field. 

3 reasons why recruiters MUST invest in personal branding 

1. To build trust and credibility

One of the most common things I hear from my clients, prospects, and connections is that I’m ALWAYS on top of their minds. 


Because I’m extremely consistent with the content I’ve been sharing for the past four years. 

Familiarity has created trust, and over time it has created credibility that has generated fruitful business leads for me. 

2. Helps attract the right candidates

If you regularly connect with new candidates in your niche on social media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook) and actively engage in industry conversations online, you have your stage set!

This one small action allows you to scale through conversations you would have had over the phone or online. 

And trust me, I don’t think there’s a quicker way to reach thousands of people daily than social media!

3. Differentiating yourself from competitors

Standing out from the crowd is a prerequisite in a dog-eat-dog recruitment market. 

And in this feat, your personalized content is the ultimate weapon to success. 

Content marketing allows you to establish a distinctive voice, positioning you as an authority in your niche. 

Whether it’s a blog, newsletter, podcast, or social media post, we live in an era where you can easily build a community just by sharing valuable content with relevant readers. 

3 practical steps to craft your personal brand 

Step 1: Define your unique value proposition: What makes you distinct as a recruiter? 

Now, as flowery as this sounds, it will take some time to determine your unique value proposition, and you need to make sure you stick with it.

But how do you understand your USP in the first place?

I prefer to start the “figuring out” process by reflecting on the conversations you might already have over the phone or via Zoom.  

Why do candidates like working with you? Why do clients come back to you? 

What questions do people ask you? What answers do you have for them?

Most recruiters I know underestimate how insightful their words and actions can be. 

You may need assistance finding out the value you bring by reaching out to people from your circle. 

Step 2: Create an online presence

Personal branding on social media.

Establishing an online presence through platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or a personal blog takes effort and time but, in turn, can yield amazing results. 

Here are my top five tips to get you started: 

  • Find your target audience

First, you must identify where your prospects (candidates or clients) hang out online, and DON’T make assumptions here. 

Try to look for recent and relevant survey reports that can help you with a rough estimate.

You can also go easy and start by asking people from your target audience who you’re already in touch with. 

Ask questions like: Who do you follow online? Or, where do you spend the most time online? 

  • Consistency is key

Nothing has helped me reach more people and grow exponentially than simply showing up.

And I bet you, this is where 99% of people fail. 

The 1% who succeed understand that similar to cold calling, you aren’t going to find success immediately. It takes practice and time.

Resilience and persistence are two traits in the DNA of every recruiter. 

So make good use of what we already have and channel the same towards building a personal brand that serves us just right. 

  • Showcase your expertise

Positioning yourself as a subject matter expert is crucial to winning the trust of both candidates and clients. 

The easiest way to do this is to document conversations you have daily. 

Think about the struggles your clients or candidates are facing. 

What are the hot talking points in your industry? You might also come across some common questions from prospects. 

I firmly believe that if one person in an industry or community faces a challenge, most others are probably in the same shoes. 

As a result, identifying these gaps can help you trace roadblocks and create content addressing these prevalent problems, reflecting you as a thought leader.

  • Engage with your community

Creating content is like speaking through a microphone – it’s one-way traffic. 

And even when you can OWN the stage all to yourself, one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is neglecting to spend consistent time commenting and DMing people they are connected with. 

Engaging does three things. 

For starters, it initiates conversations, allows you to reach new audiences, and helps followers discover new content THROUGH you. 

P.S, it can also give you ideas for your future content!

I recommend spending at least 20 minutes a day just engaging. 

Using Linkedin as an example, here is how I would break down a valuable use of 20 minutes: 

  • 5 minutes connecting with 10-20 people in your industry you could work with.
  • 5 minutes following up with new connections and welcoming them to your network.
  • 10 minutes scrolling and engaging in conversations you see on your newsfeed.

It’s not rocket science, but consistently engaging with your audience can magnify your brand and reach without ever having to create content! 

Step 3: Earn credibility by sharing your wins

Social proof is the greatest asset for anyone willing to build a personal brand. And to our advantage, it’s also an easy deal to crack.

All you have to do is ask for testimonials from satisfied clients and candidates you’ve placed in the past few months – the fresher, the better. 

Talk about your achievements and share case studies that show your ability to find the right talent for specific roles. 

Doing this regularly is a powerful deceleration that brings you to notice. 

A quick tip: Try to have a celebratory tone instead of an arrogant one; nobody likes a boaster. 

With the advancement of tech stacks and the impact of AI in recruitment, nothing else stands as important as a touch of personalization – especially when our inboxes are only getting louder.

So get out there, start building your personal brand, and see how it can take you places!


Joel Lalgee

Joel Lalgee, “The Realest Recruiter,” has a decade of agency recruitment know-how and is known for his no-nonsense, authentic style.

His journey began at Titus Talent, a Milwaukee-based RPO startup, driven by a passion for connecting people with dream careers.

Joel excels in top talent sourcing, employer branding, and recruitment strategies, prioritizing open and honest communication to build trust.

He’s a prolific writer and content creator, with over 1 billion impressions and nearly half a million followers in just 4 years. As a speaker and trainer, Joel motivates professionals, sharing practical advice for success in the recruitment industry.


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