We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Rich Rosen for a Q&A session, where he shared invaluable insights from his 27-year career in hiring. 

His experience and wisdom offer a treasure of recruitment tips for recruiters looking to excel in their field. 

In this blog, we highlight some of the key takeaways from our conversation with Rich, including—

  • How he got started in recruitment
  • The often-overlooked elements of the industry
  • The importance of attending roundtables. 

But this is not it! Watch the full interview here:

How did Rich Rosen get into recruitment?

Rich’s background as the youngest stockbroker in the country played a pivotal role in shaping his approach to recruitment. 

During his time as a stockbroker, he learned valuable skills such as cold calling, marketing, and analyzing team performance. These skills translated seamlessly into the staffing industry, where he applied his sales acumen to build a successful career.

Despite his initial success at MRI, Rich decided to venture out on his own after six months. The motivation to work independently and the desire for better financial rewards drove him to start his own software sales practice. 

Over the next 27 years, he built a remarkable career, placing over a thousand people and creating hundreds of millionaires through his successful placements.

This approach, combined with his sales skills, helped him become one of the top five recruiters at MRI within a short period.

In fact, Rich has been among the top 50 recruiters of Forbes in America for five consecutive years! 

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What is Rich’s ultimate secret of hiring top talent? 

hiring top talent

A crucial element often overlooked by recruiters is understanding that recruitment is fundamentally a sales job. Rich Rosen emphasizes that many recruiters fail to recognize this, missing out on significant opportunities.

He highlights that successful recruiters embrace the competitive nature of sales. They understand that every interaction is an opportunity to sell the value of their services and the potential match between candidates and clients.

“Recruiters should focus on the sales mentality over social work,” says Rich. 

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This is just a glimpse of the valuable insights shared by Rich Rosen. There’s much more to learn from his 27 years of experience in recruitment. For a deeper dive into his strategies and advice, be sure to watch the full interview: