The recruitment industry is indeed competitive, and anybody can snatch your leads at any minute, especially when hiring talent is the number one concern for most companies.

It’s important to remember that candidates are just as important as the companies you are recruiting them for.

More candidates will want to be recruited by your agency depending on how you have treated your candidates in the past. Candidate and client loyalty can easily make you the top recruitment agency globally, so it’s important to remember never to sideline and always maintain a good bond with them.

To top it all, your clients are spending a huge amount on hiring— an average of $4,129 per job in the United States. So, to have spent so much money and come so far in the hiring process, if your agency doesn’t end up training candidates for job interviews, it’ll definitely affect your employer brand.

We all know that it is the final interview rounds where all the jitters lie. It’s essential that you’re empathetic and helping at all times when it comes to preparing your candidates to deal with the higher-ups of the company they will potentially be working with in the future.

Your candidate must already be feeling overwhelmed; you must help them take one step at a time and get rid of their weaknesses one by one. Other than screening and searching for leads, this is another part of recruitment that requires your attention at all times so that nothing goes amiss later on.

6 Ways How You Can End Up Helping Candidates For Job Interviews

We have listed down some ways you can help your candidates uplift their spirits and stay confident at all times.

1. Help Candidates Adapt & Acquaint

The candidate must be prepared to adapt to the organisation’s work environment they will be in. As a recruiter, you must help your candidate get acquainted with the people they will be dealing with during the final interview round.

Your candidate has got 7 seconds to make that first impression!

They must know about the history, the company’s motto and as well to impress the people who will be interviewing them.

If the candidate’s views and aspirations align with the company’s, it will only serve as an advantage on all sides and increase the chances of your candidate getting selected.

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2. Conduct Short Questionnaires

It would help if you met your candidates at regular intervals for lunch, coffee or even on Zoom calls.

You have to stay updated and keep track of their progress records and assess them after every mock interview. From assigning tasks to conducting short questionnaires, you should keep your candidate engaged.

It will help them build confidence as well and be more prepared for the final call.

It’s a big NO to base your judgement on their technical skills solely. Be informed about their social skills too.

3. Help Maintain A Good Posture

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, most interviewing and hiring processes have been completely digitalised and remote.

As we enter the post-pandemic period, it is safe to say that some of these changes are here to stay and not temporary. Whether in-person or virtual, the interviewer can tell a lot about the candidate solely by judging them by their body language. Therefore, recruiters must ensure that their candidate maintains a good posture at all times.

Tell them to practice sitting upright and no slouching. Not only would this make them feel more confident but also studies have shown how sitting straight can help candidates feel like a leader.

4. It’s Not Just About Technical Skills

When it comes to how skilled a person can be, they are not just judged based on their technical skills. They are also evaluated based on their verbal and social communication skills.

This is why you must help them find out all of their strong and weak points. Assist them in doing a personal SWOT analysis to make the most of their talents.

It’s always easier to deal with problems once you have acknowledged their existence, and admitting their weaknesses will only help them hone their skills.

5. Ask Your Candidates To Clarify Their Doubts

Everyone likes a curious mind, so your candidate must not hesitate from clarifying their doubts and asking genuine and good questions. It’ll help create an engaging and interactive image of them in the interviewer’s mind as well.

It is also necessary to keep in mind that the candidate does not overdo anything at any point in the interview and doesn’t waste any time on the interviewer’s part.

They should be prepared with their inquiries in advance and know when is the right time to raise questions.

6. Share Short Courses With Your Candidates

While you’re preparing candidates for job interviews, send them a checklist of courses they can learn from. Here’s a short list for you—

In case you’re leaning more towards improving your employer brand, we would suggest creating your own training courses and walk your candidates through each and every step on a one-on-one basis.

A recruiter’s job is to get the best candidates for their clients. This is what helps them develop a brand and reputation for themselves and their agency in the market. The better job they do in ensuring that every company that approaches them gets the best candidate, the more companies they will have at bay hoping to be provided with the same service.

We hope this article helps you provide support to your candidate and prepare your candidate in every possible so that they can nail the job interviews ahead of them.