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Recruiting on Reddit: Building a winning team through online community engagement

Transform Reddit into your recruitment hotspot and build your dream team today!

There is a popular saying in the recruitment world: “Be everywhere candidates are” – from traditional job boards to unconventional social media platforms.

And one such channel is Reddit. With over 52 million daily active users, it is one of the most popular online communities, with its largest base in the U.S. 

Now, if you have ever perused Reddit threads, you may have noticed how different it is from other social media platforms. And unsurprisingly, recruiting on Reddit is also a bit different. 

Why? Because of its tight-knit community, that does not go easy on rule-breakers! 

But it shouldn’t be an excuse for you to skip this channel. Instead, you must learn proper Reddiquette so you won’t get banned for any reason while recruiting and engaging with candidates. 

Remember, unlike Instagram and Facebook, Reddit is not about gaining followers, likes, or comments but about discussions and idea-sharing.  

So, if you are just after promoting your job vacancies, this platform is not for you. Create an account only if you have time for active engagement and building your karma score. 

That said, let’s dive right into the nine best practices you must follow for successful recruiting on Reddit! 

Familiarize yourself with the platform

Reddit’s unique structure, etiquette, and features make it stand out from the rest of the social media platforms. 

And, of course, to make the most of it, you must know how to navigate it confidently.

To start with, the site is divided into thousands of mini-communities called “Subreddits,” where individuals congregate in niche-specific forums based on their profession, interest, etc. 

These people may have the potential to fill in the open roles, but you must prove yourself before you woo them. (Just like we said earlier, it all comes down to active engagement)

Second, each subreddit has its own set of rules, norms, and expectations, known as “Reddiquette,” that every Reddit user is expected to follow. 

So, you must familiarize yourself with their guidelines to avoid missteps and ensure a positive engagement experience.

Always take the time to read through the subreddit rules, FAQs, and stickied posts to understand the community culture and expectations before you start posting or interacting.

Other than subreddits, here are some more features you should know:

  • Upvote/downvote 

Reddit utilizes an upvoting and downvoting system to determine the visibility and popularity of posts and comments. 

Users can upvote posts they find interesting or valuable, pushing them higher up in the subreddit or site-wide rankings. Downvotes have the opposite effect. 

Understanding this system can help you gauge the quality and relevance of posts when sourcing potential candidates.

  • Karma 

Karma represents a user’s reputation or credibility on Reddit. It is the sum of upvotes received on their posts and comments. 

While karma doesn’t directly impact recruiting, it can indicate a user’s engagement and activity level on the platform. 

Users with higher karma scores may have a more established presence within the community.

  • Search functionality 

Reddit offers a robust search feature that allows you to explore specific keywords, subreddits, or user profiles. You can find this search bar at the top of the page. 

Just type in your query to find relevant discussions, posts, or potential candidates within your target industry or field, and you are good to go.

  • Sorting options 

Reddit provides various sorting options when browsing through posts and comments. These options include sorting by “Hot” (popular posts), “New” (recently posted content), “Top” (highest upvoted content), and more. 

Experimenting with different sorting options can help you discover fresh content and identify potential candidates.

  • Messaging and chatting 

The platform enables direct messaging between users, allowing you to communicate privately with potential candidates or engage in one-on-one discussions. Also, some subreddits may have dedicated chat rooms where you can connect with community members in real time.

  • Multimedia content 

Reddit supports various media types, including text posts, images, videos, and links. This versatility allows recruiters to share job descriptions, company updates, or relevant content in different formats, enhancing engagement and attracting potential candidates. (But you can’t spam, okay?)

RES is a popular browser extension that enhances the Reddit experience with additional features and customization options. It offers functionalities such as advanced filtering, inline image and video expansion, and more. 

Consider installing RES to streamline your site browsing and improve your efficiency. (Because you can hire good candidates only if you feel productive yourself) 

  • Reddit mobile app 

This is a great option, especially when you and your team crave flexibility. With Reddit’s mobile app, you can access the platform on the go- which means 24/7 availability and constant engagement. 

Now, we aren’t saying you can navigate all these options at first glance. No doubt, you will need to invest your time to actually browse through the site and use them yourself. (Not once, multiple times!) 

But it will be worth it, no?

Join relevant subreddits

As mentioned above, subreddits are the communities where discussions happen, questions are asked, and valuable insights are shared. 

Joining these subs can help you connect with potential candidates who are passionate about the topics related to your industry or the positions you’re looking to fill.

But how can you find and join forums that will work for you? Just follow these steps:

  • Research and identify 

Begin by researching and identifying the subreddits that align with your recruiting goals. 

Consider the industry, job function, or specific interests that your ideal candidates may have. 

Also, always go for subreddits with an active and engaged community, which indicates a higher likelihood of finding quality candidates.

  • Read and observe

Once you’ve found relevant subreddits, read through the posts, comments, and discussions to gain insights into the community’s culture, the topics that resonate with them, and the type of content that generates engagement. 

Take note of any recurring themes or challenges that candidates commonly discuss.

  • Introduce yourself 

When ready to engage, make a positive first impression by introducing yourself to the subreddit community. 

Some subreddits have specific threads or dedicated spaces for introductions. Share a brief background about yourself and your recruiting objectives, and express your enthusiasm for community participation.

  • Participate actively 

Actively participate in discussions within the subreddits by providing insights, answering questions, and sharing valuable resources. 

This will allow you to showcase your expertise and build credibility among the community members. 

Avoid directly promoting job openings in your initial interactions; instead, focus on building relationships and contributing to the discussions.

  • Ask thoughtful questions 

Engaging in conversations and asking thoughtful questions is a great way to foster interaction and gain valuable insights. 

By asking questions related to industry trends, career advice, or specific challenges, you can encourage candidates to share their experiences and perspectives.

  • Provide value

Share valuable resources, articles, or guides relevant to the subreddit’s interests. It will position you as a helpful resource and strengthens your reputation as a knowledgeable recruiter within the community. 

Remember, the goal is to provide value and establish yourself as a trusted contributor.

That said, here are some subreddits that you must be a part of:

Of course, there are many industry-specific forums as well, like r/developers, r/Design, r/DataScience, and r/Marketing – just type in r/[Industry], and you’ll find many. 

Once again, pay attention to the rules of each forum. On the desktop, you can see them in the right column- somewhat like this:

Add a sourcing extension

How do you usually import and save candidate profiles you found on Reddit into your ATS database? Manually?

Stop doing that! Instead, ask your ATS provider if they offer extensions that can prefill candidate data for you and add them to your talent database. 

If not, maybe you can consider investing in a new talent acquisition software like Recruit CRM with a powerful sourcing Chrome extension capable of scraping data from anywhere on the internet.

But why should you do this? Because of the following benefits:

  • A Chrome extension will allow you to quickly capture candidate profiles from Reddit without manual data entry. With just a few clicks, you can extract relevant information such as usernames, contact details, work experience, and more and have it directly saved into your ATS or recruitment database.
  • Manually sourcing and saving candidate profiles can be a time-consuming task. Using a sourcing extension can significantly reduce the time spent on data entry, allowing you to focus more on engaging with candidates and evaluating their suitability for your open positions.
  • Sourcing extensions that integrate with your ATS or recruitment software ensure a seamless transfer of candidate profiles from Reddit to your database. This eliminates the need for exporting and importing data manually, reducing the chances of errors or data loss.
  • It allows you to consolidate candidate information in one centralized location within your ATS, making tracking candidate interactions, maintaining a comprehensive candidate pipeline, and collaborating with your team throughout the recruitment process more accessible.

Amazing, isn’t it? Recruit CRM’s sourcing Chrome extension can make hiring a breeze for you. Try it right away!

Use Reddit user analyzer

What’s better than a tool that can provide detailed real-time insights into a user’s posting history, interests, and overall reputation? Nothing! That’s why we love Reddit User Analyzer.

This tool offers recruiters a 360-degree view of a candidate profile, allowing recruiters to identify any potentially problematic behavior, such as offensive or discriminatory language, that may conflict with company values, thus, leading to more informed decision-making. 

💡Caution: The Reddit user analyzer provides insights based on a user’s public activity and does not offer personal or private information. Respect user privacy and use the tool responsibly for professional purposes.

Build a loyal Reddit community

Reddit is nothing without an active community. So, make sure you build and nurture at least one. And a loyal one at that. 

To get started, clearly define the purpose and focus of your community. Identify the topics, themes, or goals that your community will revolve around.

Also, regularly provide high-quality content that is relevant, informative, and valuable to your community members. 

Share industry insights, thought-provoking articles, or discussions that spark meaningful conversations. 

Ensure your content aligns with the interests and needs of your target audience.

In short, strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for your potential candidates.

Foster a sense of ownership and participation by encouraging community members to contribute their own content. It will help you increase engagement, bring diverse perspectives, and establish yourself as a trusted and approachable authority figure.


  • Establish clear community guidelines and moderate discussions to maintain a positive and respectful environment.
  • Enforce the rules consistently and fairly, addressing any inappropriate behavior or spamming.
  • Encourage healthy debates and constructive criticism while discouraging personal attacks or disrespectful language.

Create outreach that always works

What if you found a potential candidate but have no other medium to contact them except on Reddit? It does happen a lot of times. 

That’s why it’s crucial to pre-prepare outreach strategies that consistently yield positive results. 

How can you do so? Before reaching out to candidates, take your time to research their post history, comments, and interests. 

By referencing specific discussions or insights they’ve shared on their profile, you can personalize your outreach and demonstrate a genuine interest in their background and contributions. 

Also, be clear and concise about the purpose of your communication. Clearly state why you’re reaching out, what caught your attention about the candidate, and why you believe they could be a great fit for the role or opportunity. 

Avoid lengthy or ambiguous messages that may lead to confusion or disinterest.

💡Don’t forget: Adhere to Reddit’s community guidelines and Reddiquette in your outreach. Be respectful, avoid spamming, and personalize your messages rather than using generic templates.  

Be consistent with your interaction

Candidates expect recruiters to answer their queries as soon as possible, be it on LinkedIn or Reddit. But can you really remain online 24/7? No, right! 

We know recruiters are always jam-packed with multiple tasks. Hence, your only option is to consistently allocate dedicated time to browse relevant subreddits, respond to messages, and participate in discussions. 

In short, make do with whatever time you have daily and show your commitment to the community.

Also, try to set clear expectations. Let candidates know when they can expect to hear back from you. 

Mention your typical response time in your Reddit profile. This will help manage candidates’ expectations and reduce potential frustrations.

Leverage sponsored ads

When combined with organic community engagement, sponsored ads on Reddit can be an effective strategy to expand your reach, target specific audiences, and attract qualified candidates. 

These paid promotions can maximize your job vacancy or any other content’s visibility by displaying it to Reddit users who may not be actively browsing specific subreddits. (Nothing new! It’s just similar to any other social platform)

To effectively leverage sponsored ads, make sure you consider the following steps: 

  • Define your campaign objectives. What do you want to achieve? Increased brand awareness? More traffic to your job posts? It can be anything- just be clear. 
  • Familiarize yourself with Reddit’s advertising platform and its available features. Understand the different ad formats, targeting options, and budgeting models before you set up and launch your ad campaigns.
  • Identify the subreddits or audiences that align with your recruitment needs. 
  • Create attention-grabbing ad copy and creative that resonates with your target audience. 
  • Conduct A/B testing with different variations of your ads to identify what performs best. Continuously monitor your ad performance and optimize them based on engagement, click-through rates, and conversion metrics.
  • Determine a budget that aligns with your campaign goals and resources. Reddit’s advertising platform offers various budgeting options, including daily or lifetime budgets. Start with a conservative budget and gradually increase it as you identify successful targeting and messaging strategies.
  • Avoid using overly promotional or deceptive language. Reddit users value genuine interactions, so focus on providing value, showcasing your company culture, and being transparent about the opportunities you offer.

That’s it! Launch your ad and see the applications flooding in. 

Engage in AMA sessions

Short for “Ask Me Anything.” – AMA is basically a Q&A session where your community members can ask you anything related to your industry, expertise, or organization.

Why should you participate in/host AMAs? 

Because of the following benefits:

  • Visibility and brand awareness: AMAs provide a platform to showcase your expertise, company culture, and job opportunities, helping you increase your brand visibility, attract top talent, and establish yourself as a thought leader within the Reddit community.
  • Direct engagement opportunities with candidates: These Q&A sessions enable you to engage in real-time conversations with potential candidates, thus establishing rapport and trust.
  • Showcase your company’s unique attributes: AMAs offer an opportunity to highlight your company’s unique selling points, such as company culture, work environment, or innovative projects, allowing you to attract candidates who align with your company’s values and mission.
  • Knowledge sharing and education: Through AMAs, you can share insights, industry trends, and expertise, demonstrating your willingness to contribute to the community and positioning you as a valuable resource. 

How can you effectively engage in AMAs?

First, identify the most suitable subreddit(s) to host your AMA session. Whichever forum you choose must align with your industry, expertise, or target audience. 

Then start planning. Decide on the date, time, and duration of the session. Inform the subreddit moderators and follow their instructions for scheduling the AMA. Promote the session within the subreddit and other relevant channels to generate interest and attract participants.

When engaging, be genuine and transparent in your answers. Actively monitor the thread and respond to every question promptly. 

Once done, take the time to follow up on any unanswered questions or inquiries and continue engaging with community members who may reach out to you privately. 

Remember, it may take you some time to find your way around Reddit and gain real benefits. But don’t give up. Be patient and consistent. Your efforts will pay off.

Frequently asked questions

Q1- Can I post job openings on Reddit?

Yes, of course! There are various subreddits dedicated to job listings and career opportunities where you can post your job openings. However, it’s essential to review the rules and guidelines of each subreddit before posting to ensure that you comply with their requirements. 

Q2- How can I optimize my job postings on Reddit for maximum visibility?

Choose the right subreddit to post your job opening. If you want to hire a graphic designer, posting on r/developer won’t help. Also, make sure you incorporate relevant keywords and tags in your post. 

P.S. You can go for paid advertising options for maximum visibility. 

Q3- How do I handle negative or critical feedback from Reddit users during recruitment?

Firstly, listen to the feedback and address any valid concerns or issues raised. Respond professionally, providing clarification or offering solutions where possible. Remember, engaging in a constructive dialogue can help mitigate the impact of negative feedback and showcase your willingness to learn and grow.

Q4- How can I measure the effectiveness of my recruiting efforts on Reddit?

Start by monitoring the number of responses or applications received through your job postings. Then, assess applicants’ quality and alignment with the desired qualifications. Finally, engage with candidates and track the conversion rate from initial contact to hiring. You can also leverage tracking links or unique codes to identify the source of applications. 

Q5- Are there any limitations or restrictions on promoting job opportunities on Reddit? 

While Reddit allows job postings, it’s important to note that some subreddits may have specific requirements for job postings, such as formatting or specific posting days. Ensure that you comply with subreddit rules and follow proper Reddiquette. Also, avoid spamming or excessive self-promotion, as it can negatively impact your reputation.

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