Recruitment is evolving, and so are the hiring challenges faced by recruiters. 

Stephanie Cramer, the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Iron Bow Technologies, shares her recruiting tips in one of our Recruitment Unplugged series.

Her journey and expertise illuminate the importance of avoiding unconscious bias, blending work and personal life, and much more!

Who is Stephanie Cramer?

Stephanie Cramer has been in the recruitment space for over 16 years. 

With leadership roles in Talent Acquisition (TA) and Human Resources (HR), her specialty is recruiting. 

Stephanie’s career began unexpectedly after majoring in computer science and working as an IT project manager. 

A call from a large staffing firm, K-Force, changed her career trajectory, leading her into the recruitment field, where she found her true calling.

Also, learn these 6 underrated qualities of a successful recruiter.

Top 3 recruiting tips from Stephanie

1. Avoid unconscious bias in recruitment

Let’s talk about one of the biggest challenges in recruitment: unconscious bias

Stephanie’s golden rule is to always compare candidates to the job requirements, not each other. 

It’s a simple yet powerful way to ensure you’re making fair decisions and finding the best fit for the job. 

2. Adopt a blended work model

Balancing work and personal life can feel like juggling flaming torches. 

A blended work model is the secret sauce in recruitment. 

Stephanie starts her day early, finding quiet moments to work before her kids wake up. Her employer’s supportive hybrid approach makes this possible. 

Flexibility is key. Find what works for you and embrace it.

3. Become a recruitment influencer

“The recruitment community is stronger when we support each other.”

—Stephanie Cramer, Talent Strategist. 

Stephanie never set out to be a career coach, but here she is, sharing advice on LinkedIn and helping others navigate their careers. 

Her approach is simple: share what you know and help where you can. 

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There you have it! No, some recruiting tips are still hiding in the dark. 

Watch the full interview to know more: