The entire market is flooded with potential job seekers and in this highly competitive environment, to find employees with in-demand skills have been becoming extremely tough.

There are people who have been in the recruiting industry for more than 20 years and yet remain in deep waters when it comes to having specific qualities.

Read on to find out 6 such underrated qualities of a recruiter that makes them successful.

6 Most Underrated Qualities of a Successful Recruiter

Dozens of recruiters and candidates come and go but only the top leap forward. If you look closely you’ll notice how this industry is no more driven by just a single quality but rather hundreds.

We are going to discuss 6 of the most underrated ones.

1. Relationship-Building Capability

The entire concept of recruitment is actually a business of building relationships. The more experience you have in developing crucial and significant relationships, the better your chances are as a recruiter.

If you think properly– any form of job change requires a potential candidate to share important details and sometimes even personal information with the recruiter to make the perfect search and placement successful.

However, if you don’t invest your time in getting to know the candidate properly, they might fail to share appropriate information with you.

Apart from this, it also helps in building a positive workspace and lets you have people whom you can trust.

Your success as a recruiter will lie in the fact on how your people feel about you, how many people you know and how appealing you are. Your network is your net worth, remember?

2. Resilience

As Sheryl Sandberg has aptly mentioned in her book Option B about the importance of building resilience, let’s go about and understand it in a much better light.

Wharton Psychologist Adam Grant flew across countries to help Sandberg (after the loss of her beloved husband) understand that resilience is something which you can’t measure in your own self but something you can build on just like a muscle.

A significant characteristic of a successful recruiter is to be able to bounce back from any form of failure or disappointment.

You can have all the rest of these 5 attributes but if you don’t work on becoming more resilient, you lose out from becoming a successful recruiter.

3. Ability to Motivate & Support

A successful recruiter should be able to support and motivate others. The process of hiring is hard and lengthy as it is.

As an agency recruiter you must be able to provide suitable interview preparation skills, advice and pep talks to people when things get stressful at work. You have to be able to contribute your support to all the working individuals and future candidates as well.

Also, make sure that the support you’re showing is genuine. Your sourcing strategies would merely be a fail if you can’t provide enough motivation.

4. Excellent Communication Skills

You have to be able to adapt to various on-demand communication skills. Apart from active listening and the ability to point out all the right and relevant questions, you must also be able to speak properly.

For instance- when you’re using an online recruitment system while hiring a candidate, it’s not just important to listen to your their educational background or work experience but also the kind of work environment they are actively seeking out for.

Having excellent communication skills will help you ask all the right questions and even your written thoughts won’t be misapprehended easily.

5. Attention to Details

Ever thought why would an employer want to work with you? How are you different from others?

We will answer this for you.

As a recruiter, your top priority doesn’t lie in just doing your job but much more than that.

You should look for attention to detail.

The more a detailed-oriented approach you take, the higher your chances would be of working with the same client again.

A successful recruiter should be able to make the process of recruiting simple, easy and fast. Remember to ensure that you’re providing a top notch service to your client.

This is exactly how you can also improve on building a long list of clientele.

At the end of the day everything boils down to a good experience. The more attention you put to smaller details, the better your chances would be of becoming a quality recruiter.

6. Must Identify the Right Lake to Fish in

You have to move further across the spectrum and build excellent brand value because the lakes are numerous but you must know the right lake where you can use your bait to catch more fish.

With so much of information available online these days, look out only for the best possible resources that can guide you in the right direction. Understand the sourcing strategies clearly and the process of online recruitment system.

Do not let your recruitment process become a mere formula or else you won’t be able to attract star clients. Monitor your results properly and verify them twice before you move ahead with your strategies.

Now that you’ve clearly understood how much importance these underrated qualities play in your career as a recruiter, join the conversation below and let us know in the comments how are you managing to create your own set of values?