Every recruiter possesses a unique approach to talent acquisition, shaped by experiences, intuition, and skills. 

Are you the intuitive type, relying on gut feelings, or do you play by the data-driven rules?


Take our quizzes below and find out the distinct traits and areas of growth inherent to your recruiter personality.

Which ‘The Office’ character would you be as a recruiter?

1. Michael Scott

Take our recruiter personality quiz to find out which 'The Office' character you are!

Michael, the ‘World’s Best Boss’—or so his mug claims. 

Michael would probably start the interview with a magic trick just to lighten the mood.

This is the person who would have a “Welcome to your next chapter!” banner ready for every new candidate, and make everyone feel at ease, even if that means being a little goofy at times.

A Michael isn’t afraid to think outside the box and take risks to find the perfect individual. 

2. Pam Beesly

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Pam, the heart and soul of the office, embodies empathy and understanding in her recruiting style.

She’s the one who remembers a candidate’s dog’s name and even enquires about their well-being during the interview.

Not the loudest voice in the room, but definitely the person everyone seeks when in need of advice or a comforting word.

If you are a Pam, you’re well organized, detail-oriented, and always willing to help others.

3. Dwight Schrute

I am Dwight

Dwight, as a professional, is the one who’d take a rather unorthodox approach to recruiting.

A Dwight would devise a 17-step vetting process to find the “perfect” talent. 

Then, probably ask interview questions like, “How would you survive a bear attack?”

In Dwight’s world, he’s not just looking for a candidate; he’s scouting for a highly competitive warrior. A self-motivated learner who strives to be the best.

4. Jim Halpert

Your recruiter persona is similar to that of Jim Halpert

Jim, the king of pranks and master of the sarcastic look.

He has a knack for making interviews feel like a casual coffee chat with his cool and laid-back approach. 

In his recruiting role, he effortlessly builds rapport, using his great sense of humor to test the candidate’s personality.

This type of recruiter is not about the hard sell; they’re more of a “let’s see if this is a good fit for both of us” kind of person.

5. Andy Bernard

Andy Bernard! The Nard-dog!

Andy, the Nard Dog, is the embodiment of enthusiasm and energy in the recruiting sphere.

This is the guy who welcomes candidates with a high-five or maybe even a song, setting a vibrant tone right from the get-go.

Andy’s desk is never without a motivational quote of the day, a testament to his spirited approach to talent acquisition.

If you’re Andy, you might be a little over the top at times, but your energy and dedication are infectious. 

You’re not just hiring; you’re putting on a one-man show to get people excited about the role.

6. Ryan Howard

Play these quizzes we have for you and your recruiter personality will reveal your characteristic traits identical to The Office characters!

Ryan Howard, the ambitious temp who embraces innovation in his hiring endeavors.

As a recruiter, you’re the one who’d use the latest tech tools and analytics to find the ideal candidate, even going as far as to A/B test interview questions.

Ryan’s style is all about pushing boundaries; he is not just looking for a candidate; he is looking for ‘the next big thing.’

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What is your recruiter personality?

1. The confident one

You recruiter personality is that of the confident one!

A confident recruiter is one who fears no one and is 100% self-assured!

They trust their instincts and leave no room for self-doubt. Their faith in themselves is what boosts them to hire the best candidates for their clients.

2. The workaholic

Take a recruiter personality quiz to find out your recruiting persona!

A person who eats, sleeps, and breathes their job is definitely a workaholic.

These recruiters don’t mind working long hours because they love their work more than anything else.

No matter what they do, work is always on top of their mind. They truly live the quote- Work is worship.

3. The marketing genius

The marketing genius

Recruitment professionals who have mastered the art of selling are geniuses in marketing.

They have the best hacks up your sleeve to advertise open jobs attractively and leverage online platforms to boost their promotional and social recruiting efforts! 

Their exceptional recruitment marketing skills allow them to source great candidates too.

4. The research hero

The research guy!

Recruiters who always look out for ways to increase their knowledge and have a learning plan for themselves and their teams are indeed research heroes!

Be it through blogs, YouTube videos, or even social media posts, they never miss a chance to learn more about the staffing industry.

They always make a solid move after in-depth research, which helps them excel in the field more than anything else.

5. The extroverted one

Take this fun recruiter personality quiz to find out if you are extroverted or not!

The recruitment industry is full of extroverts and social butterflies.

Such recruiters are the ones to initiate conversations between candidates and clients.

Networking is their superpower, and they can’t survive without continuous interaction. They are talkative, outgoing, and a pro at making connections to find suitable job applicants.

We’re excited to know your TRUE-BLUE recruiter persona! So, why don’t you take the quiz, find out the answer, and share it with your circle and us?