Recruitment is a dynamic industry, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with its rapidly changing needs and trends. So, guess who can help you stay abreast?

The OG YouTube influencers (of course)!

We have compiled a list of 10 YouTubers that recruiters must follow to get a deeper understanding of the industry and ace it like a pro.

Read on.

It’s High Time You Subscribe to These 10 YouTube Channels

1. Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM’s YouTube channel focuses on bringing the most intriguing content for recruiters online.

Its most-viewed interview series – “The Recruitment Scoop” and “Recruitment Entrepreneurs,” features recruiters like David Bizer, Lou Adler, Katrina Collier, Greg Savage, and many more popular recruiting specialists who share their experience of working in the industry and top tips for hiring success.

You can also find some engaging animation videos for some easy-peasy recruitment hacks. 

Content to Expect: Training videos, interviews with staffing experts, recruitment industry trends, and product updates.  

2. The Millionaire Recruiter

Run by Brianna Rooney, the CEO and Founder of TalentPerch and Thriversity, this channel is best for anyone who wants to become a recruiter, feels undervalued and burnt-out in their current profession, and wants to build a side hustle.

With over 200+ videos, Brianna has been working to change the way the world views the recruitment industry. Her content ranges from recruiter productivity hack to setting up a remote recruitment agency from scratch.

To make her content more engaging, she regularly addresses her subscribers’ frequently asked questions through short snackable videos. 

Content to Expect: Quick tips on building a positive mindset despite the workload, LinkedIn sourcing strategies, and hacks for negotiating offers and closing calls. 

3. Rubberduck Recruiter

Since July 2018, Rubberduck Recruiter has been helping recruitment professionals build a successful hiring funnel through helpful videos. 

This channel primarily focuses on tech recruiting and its strategies.

The owner of the channel, Tim Wilkins, has a flair for storytelling which he uses to his advantage in the videos to make his content interesting to watch. 

If you’re struggling to build and maintain a solid candidate pool, then wait no more and subscribe to his channel. 

Content to Expect: Videos about candidate sourcing, building recruitment funnels, defining KPIs and metrics, etc.


Based in Canada, claims to be the largest social network for recruiters and HR professionals. This channel provides reliable recruitment industry resources for education, career development, and compliance.

With 300 research reports, 500 annual webcasts, and an HR certification exam preparation program, recruiters will surely gain in-depth industry knowledge from this channel.

What’s interesting about them? is a staunch supporter of diversity hiring and promotes inclusiveness towards the LGBTQ+ community through its videos. So, our beautiful pride peeps, you know you matter!

Content to Expect: Highlights of industry research and forecasts, marketing solutions, video podcasts, and live interviews of award-winning leaders.

5. Shane McCusker

With over 200 videos, this channel has been active since 2009 and contributes a lot to providing valuable information about the staffing industry.

Shane McCusker develops software for recruitment agencies, writes blogs, and runs live webinars about the best recruitment practices.

Once you go through this channel, there is no way you won’t think, “Shane McCusker is a Greg Savage fan.” 

Just kidding! 

But honestly, this channel is a blessing for anyone starting anew in the recruitment industry. 

Shane has recently started uploading detailed videos on data privacy for recruiters, which is definitely one of the most crucial yet least-discussed topics. 

Content to Expect: Videos about social recruiting, boolean search, recruitment software and its integrations, etc.

6. TechnologyAdvice

TechnologyAdvice is a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers of business technology. 

Though not directly associated with the recruitment industry, this channel focuses on all kinds of tech required in business, including #RecTech. 

You can learn ways to improve and streamline your workflow using various automation tools. Also, there is a playlist on the channel that lists some popular ATS’ and CRMs in the market

Content to Expect: Topics like employee engagement, resource planning, HR software, CRM and ATS, gamification, and more.

7. AIHR – Academy to Innovate HR

AIHR has a mission to make recruitment future-proof by offering the best possible online education to staffing professionals or those who wish to pursue a recruitment career, available anytime and anywhere.

Recruiters can learn top-notch skills by following their extensive programs. Their videos are usually short and inspired by real-life case studies.

If you have been in the recruitment industry for a long time and feel that recruiters don’t hold much respect and relevance nowadays, “HR Congress” is there to revoke your lost confidence. 

It is a series of detailed videos that emphasizes how and why recruiters should own the table. 

Content to Expect: Hot HR topics, recruitment news, micro-learning programs, etc.

8. TheStaffingCircle

With 150+ videos, TheStaffingCircle is the best channel for information related to US staffing, IT recruitment, sourcing, social recruiting, LinkedIn profile building, and much more.

This channel provides training and placement assistance to recruitment agencies regarding staffing business development from scratch in the US, IT services, and consulting landscape for technical recruiters, etc. 

They also have a detailed playlist for boolean search and search string features to help recruiters quicken their sourcing process. 

Content to Expect: Quick Talent solution, Boolean search strategies, and Technology recruitment guides.

9. LinkedIn Talent Solution

LinkedIn Talent Solutions helps companies around the world strategize their recruitment process to find, attract and hire the best possible talents.

With around 1200 videos, this channel is updated regularly with interesting content to keep recruiters updated with recent HR trends and statistics.

Though there is a lot to learn, their ongoing series “Talent Streams” is something every recruiter must catch up on. 

Through this series, changemakers of the HR world share their stories and inspire teams to grab every opportunity presented to them during disruptive times.

In each episode, C-suite executives like Sian Lewis, Pankaj Khanna, Li Lian Tan, etc., take up one particular topic ranging from business development strategy to inclusive workforce and weaves a story to motivate viewers.

Content to Expect: Annual Global HR trends, Industry forecasts, and interviews of C-suite executives.

10. Recruitment Training

Recruitment Training is originally a promotional channel that introduces hiring managers and employers to a fully branded recruitment Learning Management System that they can customize and use to upskill everyone in their business.

This channel is dedicated to providing fully bespoke HR training and development solutions to trainees and seniors alike. 

Their award-winning training material can help recruiters create their successful brand and strategize their every step effectively.

60+ industry experts create videos for the channel covering topics ranging from trainee consultancy to HR leadership.

Content to Expect: Training videos, webinars about recruitment marketing, client and candidate management tips, team-building strategies, etc.  

If we missed out on a YouTube channel that you love, feel free to drop a comment and let us know.