Tired of the same old recruiting grind? It’s time to stir things up.

We’ve handpicked 9 TED talks that tackle everything from bias in hiring to the psychology of candidates to help you redefine your talent acquisition approach in 2024. 

Let’s jump right in!

9 TED talks to boost your recruitment game in 2024

1. Kim Scott and Trier Bryant: How to reduce bias in your workplace [Create an inclusive environment]

Kim Scott and Trier Bryant provide a comprehensive guide to recognizing and reducing bias in the workplace. 

They outline a three-step process that includes awareness, understanding, and action. Their talk is a practical toolkit for recruiters aiming to foster diversity and inclusivity in their hiring practices.

2. Gil Winch: How we can use the hiring process to bring out the best in people [Enhance the interview experience]


Gil Winch introduces a novel approach to the hiring process, focusing on reducing anxiety and allowing candidates to present their best selves. 

He discusses the “reverse screening process” and how it can transform the interview experience

Winch’s innovative ideas offer recruiters a fresh approach to evaluating candidates and creating a more authentic and successful hiring process.

3. Regina Hartley: Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume [Deal with talent shortages]

Regina Hartley challenges traditional hiring practices by urging recruiters to look beyond the resume. 

She introduces the concept of “scrappers” – individuals who may lack the perfect resume but possess resilience and adaptability. 

Regina’s personal anecdotes and passionate delivery make this talk a powerful reminder that potential can be found in unexpected places.

4. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action [Understand your client’s purpose]

Simon Sinek’s talk explores the concept of the “Golden Circle” and the importance of understanding why a company does what it does. 

He argues that people are inspired by a sense of purpose rather than what or how something is done. 

For recruiters, this talk offers a new lens to view clients and candidates, focusing on core values and motivations.

5. Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work? [Enhance employee satisfaction]

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely delves into the psychology of motivation at work. 

He presents fascinating experiments that reveal how people find joy and satisfaction in their work. 

Ariely’s talk is a treasure trove of insights for recruiters looking to understand what truly motivates candidates and how to match them with roles that fulfill their passions.

6. Mike Brady and Dion Drew: Why we hire ‘unemployable’ people [Innovate your hiring practices]

Mike Brady and Dion Drew share their inspiring journey of hiring unconventional talent, including former convicts and addicts. 

They discuss the transformative power of providing opportunities to those deemed “unemployable.” 

This talk is a testament to the potential of innovative hiring practices and the human capacity for redemption and growth.

7. Juliet Schor: The case for a four-day workweek [Embrace work-life balance]

Juliet Schor makes a compelling case for a four-day workweek, arguing that it can lead to increased productivity, reduced stress, and a more balanced life. 

For recruiters, this talk offers a glimpse into a growing trend that could reshape the way we think about work and talent attraction.

Schor’s insights into the benefits of a shorter workweek provide a fresh perspective on work culture and employee well-being.

8. Angela Duckworth: Grit: The power of passion and perseverance [Identify high-potential talent]

Angela Duckworth’s research on grit as a predictor of success offers a groundbreaking perspective on talent assessment. 

She defines grit as the combination of passion and perseverance and demonstrates its role in achieving long-term goals. 

Duckworth’s talk is a valuable resource for recruiters looking to identify candidates with the potential to thrive in challenging environments.

9. Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation [Improve candidate relationships]

Celeste Headlee’s talk is a masterclass in communication. She delves into the art of conversation, offering 10 practical tips to improve dialogue. 

From listening with intent to asking open-ended questions, Headlee’s insights are invaluable for recruiters looking to build genuine connections with candidates. 

Her engaging style and real-world examples make this talk a must-watch for anyone in the people business.

With these TED talks, you’re equipped to tackle 2024’s challenges head-on. So go ahead, hit play, and prepare to change the way you hire!

Frequently asked questions

1. Are there any TED talks specifically for HR professionals?

Yes, TED offers various playlists and talks that cater to human resources professionals, covering topics like leadership, diversity, and organizational culture. 

These curated collections provide valuable insights tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by HR professionals in today’s dynamic workplace.

2. What other resources can help me stay updated as a recruiter?

Apart from TED talks, consider subscribing to recruitment podcasts, following industry blogs, and joining professional networks to stay abreast of the latest trends and insights. 

Engaging with these resources can help you stay connected with industry experts, discover new tools, and keep your recruitment strategies fresh and effective.

3. How can I implement the insights from these talks in my recruitment process?

Start by identifying key takeaways that resonate with your recruitment challenges. Experiment with new approaches, measure the results and refine your strategies accordingly. 

Collaborate with your team to integrate these insights into your existing processes, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

4. Can watching TED talks count towards professional development credits?

Some professional organizations recognize TED talks as part of continuing education. Check with your specific association to determine eligibility. 

Watching TED talks can be a flexible and engaging way to enhance your professional skills, stay inspired, and contribute to your ongoing development in the field of recruiting.