When Black Panther hit the theaters back in 2018, it was the first film of its kind and took the Marvel Cinematic Universe by storm!

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now here to do the same.

With T’Challa gone, it probably won’t be the same. But we can surely expect absolutely breathtaking performances from each one of the other characters in the movie.

But why are we talking about the Black Panther on our blog? Well, that’s because this film series has way more to offer than you think.

You’re about to take a peek at what recruiters can learn from this immersive cinematic masterpiece and its power-packed characters. So let’s hop right in, shall we?!

4 Things Recruiters Can Learn from the Black Panther

1. Ignoring Problems Doesn’t Make Them Go Away

Recruitment Lessons from the Black Panther
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Following N’Jobu’s (T’Chaka’s younger brother) betrayal, King T’Chaka makes the deliberate decision to abandon his brother’s son in Oakland, giving little thought to the long-term effects of his decision.

But as Erik Killmonger (N’Jobu’s son) comes home to reclaim his motherland, the gravity of his actions becomes tragically clear.

It is also unfortunate that T’Chaka refuses to acknowledge his error in judgment when he meets T’Challa in the spiritual plane later in the movie.

You must avoid making the same mistake as T’Chaka. While making a crucial hiring decision or change, you must carefully assess all possible outcomes.

Thorough and spot-on planning and prediction are vital to avoid bad judgments and business losses of any kind.

Also, if you’ve got a crisis at hand, avoiding resolving it and procrastinating to come up with a solution is only going to double down on it.

You really don’t want that. So, make sure to address issues as they arise, and of course, avoid trouble by making well-thought decisions in the first place.

2. Technology is Crucial for Success

Technology & Black Panther
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Technology has played a tremendous role in making Wakanda what it is. The country has flying cars, magnetic levitation trains, remote-controlled aircraft, holographic displays, noiseless boots, retractable suits, and of course, Black Panther’s uniform.

The Wakandans never shied away from experimenting with, creating, and investing in the best tech to become and hold their title as the most powerful nation in the world.

If there’s one self-evident thing you can take away from Black Panther, it is that technology is vital for growth and staying ahead of your competition.

So, don’t shy away from investing in recruitment tools like Applicant Tracking Systems and Recruitment CRMs.

They’ll give you your money’s worth. ATS’ and CRMs are must-haves in today’s recruitment world. They streamline your entire workflow and minimize the need to perform repetitive manual chores.

3. You’re Only as Good as Your Recruitment Team

Recruitment Lessons from the Black Panther
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T’Challa is sworn in as King after defeating M’Baku in a ritual battle. At this moment, we are able to fully appreciate his leadership council’s capabilities.

He is surrounded by loyal, experienced, talented, and strong people. He has a competent companion in Nakia, a tech-savvy little sister in Shuri, a strong general who guards the kingdom in Okoye, an experienced mentor in Zuri, and the one who has cultivated his greatness since birth in his mother, Ramonda.

No matter how ambitious you are, without a strong and dedicated team, your growth will be limited. Your army of recruiters defines how successful your business will be.

You need a crew of talented and loyal employees to take your recruitment business to the heights you wish to reach.

So take your time, identify the qualities you’re looking for in your recruiters, and build that dream hiring squad.

Look for those with passion and the potential to grow. Without a strong crew of your own, you won’t be able to help your clients build a solid team of employees.

4. Preparation is Key

Prepare for Sucess
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We see T’Challa as a young guy in training before he becomes the Black Panther. He had to prove himself by fighting multiple champions from different Wakandan tribes before he was qualified to rule.

Alright, so you don’t actually have to fight someone at work. But what we learn here is that preparation is the KEY to success.

You must always have a plan in place, whether it is to deal with sudden hiring freezes or other crises.

Staying on top of developments in the recruitment industry, new trends, corporate innovation, technology, etc., will help you combat troubles thrown your way like a champ.

When you and your team are recruiting candidates for a new role that you’re unfamiliar with, a thorough study of the position, the qualifications to look for, the qualities to analyze, etc., is crucial to find the ideal prospect.

Marvel films are so much more than superhero live-actions for teenagers. They’re diverse, impactful, and rich cinematic pieces offering something for all audiences, just like Black Panther.

Did you pick up a lesson from this film we missed? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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