Recruiters play a vital role in bridging the gap between top-tier talent and employers. 

And the key to success in this field? It’s open, honest communication and a deep understanding of both the candidate’s and the client’s needs. This may sound straightforward, but implementing these practices effectively requires a strategic, human-centered approach.

This is exactly what seasoned recruiter Faye Spruce shared on a recent episode of The Recruitment Scoop. With years of experience in the industry, Faye provided key insights into the ever-evolving recruitment landscape, including how recruiters can focus on authentic communication to attract the best talent.

Here are Faye’s 5 steps to leveraging authentic communication with your candidates:

Step 1: Crafting candidate interviews into trust-building encounters

If you’re still conducting boring, traditional interviews, it’s time to think out of the box!

Faye is a firm believer in trust and open communication during job interviews. She states that an interview should not be seen merely as an assessment tool but as a space where both recruiter and candidate can gain a true understanding of each other. 

Step 2: Read between the lines and look beyond the CV

A strong CV, according to Faye, goes beyond enumerating responsibilities. 

An ideal candidate’s resume needs to reflect achievements and potential rather than responsibilities. CVs that highlight what candidates have accomplished send a clear message that they take ownership of their work. 

Apart from spotting the ideal resume, Faye places high value on prompt responses as a sign that a candidate is genuinely interested and committed to the role. Slow responses, a lack of interest in the role, and unpreparedness are clear indicators that a candidate may not be genuinely invested in the opportunity.

Step 3: Striking the perfect balance with cold calling

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Cold calling can be tricky as it requires mindful consideration of clients’ and candidates’ availability. That’s why cold calling requires a balance of tone. 

Faye advocates for maintaining a friendly yet professional demeanor, first establishing the candidate’s availability before broaching the main reason for the call. Striking this balance, Faye believes, is key to engaging the candidate.

Being too upfront right from the start might put you off as a salesperson rather than a recruiter offering a potential opportunity. 

Step 4: Master the relay by streamlining the hiring process

Faye points out that understanding a candidate’s availability and the employer’s intended interview process can help boost your successful placements. 

With this information, she believes recruiters can more effectively navigate the recruitment process and even suggest streamlining measures to clients.

Remember, no one wants to wait around for a lengthy and unengaging hiring process! So be mindful of your candidate’s time, and streamline your hiring process as much as possible for the best experience.  

Step 5: Clear and honest communication is your beacon in the dark!

Last but not least, Faye states that even in the absence of new developments, keeping candidates informed can make a world of difference. 

She highlights the need for recruiters to provide all necessary information upfront and manage expectations about the interview process. 

For Faye, transparent candidate communication is key to fostering strong relationships and securing successful placements.

With these steps to building strong and honest communication, it’s safe to say that recruiters should learn to ditch the routine, embrace the informal, and turn interviews into trust-building exchanges. 

Join Faye’s ride and watch the full Recruitment Scoop episode to learn how you can revolutionize your recruiting!