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Soup to nuts, why Recruit CRM is a win for your business

Application Tracking System

Tasks and Appointments

Don’t miss out on any activity

Resume Parser

Converts a profile into a candidate within seconds

Request updated resume

Saves time to get the missing information. Candidates will do it for you

Assign owner

Give ownership to your teammate

Bulk Email

Send personalized email to a bunch of candidates/contacts at once

Notes, tasks, appointments(Calendar), files

Add notes on candidates/contacts

Candidate history

See the complete candidate life cycle within a job

Resume Parsing Through Email

Create a candidate directly from your email


Tag candidates with similar skill sets/locations

Fields rearrangement

Helps customizing your own view of fields

Mention teammate on Notes

Notify your teammates to take further actions

Related Emails

Links all the emails sent and received from candidate/contact within the profile

Submit candidates to client

Helps submit candidates to your hiring manager in just 2 clicks


Excel/CSV import (Mapping fields)

Import data quickly and easily

Delete- single/bulk

Delete records in bulk to save time

Notes, tasks, appointments, files

Keep yourself updated with the information on each record

Deals Pipeline

Gain visibility into your revenue pipeline

View contacts

View related contacts with company & jobs


Filter records as per your needs

Social media handle

Share jobs directly on social media platform using Recruit CRM


Tag records & Access records quickly

Strong Boolean Search

Search candidates that matches the exact criteria

Store files

Store files related to records within the system

Follow-up tasks

System will send you email reminders so you won’t miss out on any of your tasks and meetings

Quick View

Get quickly to the tagged records

Show hide column

Customize your own sequence of fields

Email Integration

2-click integration (G Suite, Outlook, IMAP)

Send and receive emails directly from

Related communication

Track all emails

Email tracking

Track whether email opened or not

Email templates

Create frequently used templates to save time

Email triggers

Send automated emails on actions

Email signature

Customized Email Signature

Email Reminders

System will send you email reminders about your tasks and meetings

Daily Email Report

Get daily email report with all the candidates those who applied on your website

Candidate Sourcing

Premium Job Board Posting

Buy Ad’s and promote your Jobs on over 2000+ premium Job Boards across the world

Chrome Extension

Resume Parsing

Email Parsing

Excel/CSV import (Mapping fields)

Direct link to apply

Website applicants

Jobs Page

Reports & Dashboard

Candidate Lifecycle Report

This will show the candidate’s lifecycle all the way from assigning to a job and placing them

Recruiter Performance Report

This report will help you measure the performance of your recruiters

Client Performance Report

Compare your clients to make your decisions

Job Statistic Report

Compare jobs how they are performing


Inviting teammates

Get your team to work together that will increase your efficiency


Get your team to work together that will increase your efficiency


Equal Employment Opportunity Compatible


Fully GDPR compliant


Choose your default currency and job wise currency


Ability to manage Recruit CRM in Multiple Languages

Mobile Application

Move work forward at any time by managing your Recruitment Pipeline on your phone.


Get notified instantly for the activities happening in Recruit CRM


Generate and share the invoice with your client directly from the system

Fields shared with client

Choose what fields you want to share with your client

Talent Pool

Accept general applications on your website and get those applicants directly in the database

Help Centre

Get help from our help center to answer your questions

Live Chat Support

Get the premium support to get your queries resolved

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You can immediately start a zero-commitment free trial or book an online demo with us

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