Recruitment can be a challenging journey, full of highs and lows. 

To keep you inspired, we’ve curated a collection of empowering recruiting quotes from renowned HR managers and staffing experts globally. 

Dive into these gems of wisdom, perfectly served to energize your hiring efforts!

1. Recruiting is all about connecting with humans

Recruitment quote by Katrina Collier on making human connections

In recruitment, technology is just a tool, not the focus. It should enhance and not replace vital human connections.

2. Sometimes it’s important to be tough

Sue Tetzlaff quotes on how it's important to make tough decisions

Hiring the hard way means managing the easy way. Get the tough decisions right at the start, and the rest falls into place with less hassle.

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3. Always look for the essential qualities while recruiting

Recruiting quote by Warren Buffet

In your hunt for talent, always prioritize integrity. It’s the anchor that keeps the other qualities from steering you wrong.

4. Your candidates should be your first priority

Your applicant are really important- Recruiting quote by Janice Bryant Howroyd

By placing applicants at the forefront, you’re not just filling a position, you’re also enhancing the overall candidate experience.

5. It all begins with effective candidate sourcing

Candidate sourcing is the most important step- Glen Cathey

The journey to successful recruitment starts with candidate sourcing – you can’t engage or hire who you haven’t found. It’s the crucial first step in building your dream team.

6. Don’t forget the human element of technological innovation

Hiring wisdom and motivation by Marissa Mayer

Tech success isn’t just gadgets and code. It’s about finding brilliant minds, keeping them happy, and sparking their creativity for breakthroughs.

7. It’s always supposed to be “people-first”

Hiring quote by Lawrence Bossidy

True achievements hinge on who you hire and nurture, not just the strategies you devise. It’s the people that make the vision a reality.

8. Understand what’s more important

Stephen R. Covey on recruiting methods

While training matters, the cornerstone of a strong team lies in recruitment and selection – get this right, and everything else follows.

9. Every decision you make affects the business

Kevin J. Donaldson's recruiting quote on making the right hiring decisions

Every hiring decision counts. Bringing the wrong people on board can swiftly derail even the most stable of businesses.

10. Because a smile speaks volumes

Recruitment quote by Arte Nathan

A genuine smile can’t be trained. Look for candidates who bring natural enthusiasm and positivity right from the start.

11. The candidates and employees are always the right judge

Jillian Einck recruiting quote

Forget company statements – your real employer brand is echoed in the voices of your employees and candidates.

12. There’s no recruitment without marketing

Importance of recruitment marketing by Matthew Jeffrey

To excel as a recruiter, embracing recruitment marketing is the key, where attracting talent is as crucial as branding and promotions.

Keep these quotes in your back pocket as you go about your recruiting journey. Here’s to making great hires with a smile. 

Happy recruiting!