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Are you utilizing the power of niche job boards? 6 tips from recruitment expert AJ Eckstein to make the most of them

“Niche job boards could be your firm’s golden ticket to finding better talent in less time.”

AJ Eckstein
Founder and CEO of The Final Round
AJ Eckstein on niche job boards


Tell me if this sounds super familiar to you- Too many applicants, fewer resources, and very less time to fill a position. 

Well, such is the burden that a recruiter bears! 

So, how does one reduce the average cost per hire (which has been placed at $4,700), while increasing the quality and speed of recruiting? 

And is there a way to also work on long-term strategies like building your employer brand alongside? 

Among the handful of solutions to the problem, niche job boards are emerging as a frontrunner. 

These sites garner far less traffic than larger, general job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed, but can be far more efficient if put to the right use.

So, let’s learn more about niche job sites and how you can use them to target the right candidate pool

What are niche job boards?

Niche job boards are specialized platforms that focus on specific industries, skill sets, business types, or geographical locations. 

By promoting positions within a specific industry, recruiters can attract qualified and experienced job seekers with specialized skills, often actively seeking opportunities. 

6 reasons why you must start using niche job boards

1. Candidates are preselected

Arguably the most significant advantage of utilizing niche job boards is that the candidates you find there are already pre-selected and filtered. 

Job postings on general websites are seen by a wider audience but many of those candidates are unqualified, uninterested, and often not even in the relevant industry. 

Using this focused approach optimizes both your time and budget

2. Granular targeting

Wouldn’t it be nice to get extremely specific about the job requirements right from the start? 

Instead of crafting broad job descriptions, you can request specific certifications, expertise in particular procedures, or familiarity with industry-specific terminology. 

This level of specificity narrows the talent pool down to the right candidates.

3. Brand awareness

Recruiting should never just be on a per-need basis. It’s an ongoing effort to build and maintain your reputation as an employer of choice. 

In fact, a 2023 report finds that companies with a strong employer brand see a 43% decrease in hiring costs. 

Consistently appearing on niche job boards helps raise your profile within your industry, ensuring that you remain top-of-mind among both active and passive job seekers.

4. Value-add services

Many niche job boards will cater to your specific requirements, be it through keyword strategies optimized for your industry or tracking market trends, shifts, and salary benchmarks. 

This provides you with valuable insights relevant to your field.

5. Network building

Some specialty job boards go beyond job postings, offering industry-relevant content, resources, and career guidance to engage audiences beyond active job seekers. 

This approach can capture the attention of passive candidates who, despite being employed, might be exceptional potential candidates.

6. Reduced competition

Posting on a general job board means competing with loads of other companies for the attention of job seekers. 

In contrast, niche job boards typically have less competition, allowing your employment posting to stand out. This is a huge help for smaller companies and start-ups.

Niche job boards could be your firm’s golden ticket to finding better talent in less time given that they preselect candidates, offer granular targeting, include value-added services, build networks, and reduce competition.


AJ Eckstein

AJ Eckstein is the Gen Z Career Expert: Founder/CEO of The Final Round, a Fortune 500 strategy consultant, a LinkedIn Learning Instructor, a writer for Fast Company & Business Insider, a LinkedIn Top Voice, a Forbes Under 30 Scholar, ex-Disney Business Leader Rotation Program, and a global speaker.


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