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Recruitment coach Cas van Oort’s 6 tips for building a successful community-led recruitment strategy

“Throughout my career, I’ve faced the challenges of traditional recruitment methods–the constant selling and the relentless searching. Then, I discovered a transformative approach: community-led recruitment.”

Cas van Oort
Chief Recruiting Officer at Recrt.ai
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Are you tired of the traditional recruitment methods that require constant selling and searching for candidates and clients? It’s time to embrace a new approach that effortlessly brings top-quality candidates and clients to your doorstep. 

Welcome to community-led recruitment, where building an online or offline community around a specific job function can revolutionize your recruitment game.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get clients and candidates knocking on your door instead of you chasing after them, let me explain how you can get started!

What is community-led recruitment?

When I adopted the strategy of community-led recruitment, it shifted my focus from constant searching to building a community that naturally attracts top-quality candidates and clients. 

This approach involves creating a community that adds value to candidates and clients. It’s about becoming more than just a recruiter and establishing yourself as a trusted resource in your field. 

Community-led recruitment offers a platform for discussion, learning, and connection, a place where people can unite and grow. This community can take many forms, from online or offline events to webinars, certification courses, newsletters, forums, and job boards. 

Why is community-led recruitment important for recruiters?

Now, you may be wondering why a community is relevant for recruiters. 

The answer is simple: When you provide a platform that adds value, you naturally attract top talent and clients. You fill the top of your recruitment funnel without the constant search for candidates or the need to sell job opportunities. 

Instead, high-quality applicants come to you because they see you as a specialist in your field. It’s a shift from chasing opportunities, all thanks to the power of community.

But the beauty of community-led recruitment is that it doesn’t stop at recruitment. It opens up a whole new world of business models and revenue streams. Let me share some examples from my own experience:

  • Paid membership: Offering exclusive content or resources to community members for a subscription fee can be a great way to generate revenue while adding value to the community.
  • Sponsorships: Collaborating with relevant brands and companies to sponsor your community and events can not only bring in funds but also enhance the community’s offerings.
  • Freelance recruitment: By extending my services to include freelance placements, I’ve been able to cater to the diverse needs of both candidates and clients.
  • Perm recruitment: Offering permanent job placements as part of my recruitment services has been a staple in my business model.
  • Job board placements by clients: I allow clients to advertise their job openings on my platform for a fee, creating a passive income stream.
  • Online and offline events: Organizing events, both online and offline, where attendees and sponsors pay for participation, has been a great way to bring the community together and generate revenue.
  • Candidate job post sharing: I’ve also found that allowing candidates to share jobs they find within the community can be a win-win situation.

Top 6 tips to get started with community-led recruitment

1. Identifying your target audience and job function

The first step in community-led recruitment is identifying your target audience and the specific job function you want to focus on. 

Ask yourself, what job role do you already know a lot about and are genuinely interested in? 

This will be the foundation of your community, and your passion and knowledge will naturally attract like-minded individuals.

2. Approaching candidates and clients

Once you’ve identified your niche, it’s time to approach potential community members. I recommend starting with 30 candidates and 10 clients. 

Discuss the benefits of connecting with like-minded professionals in their field. Ask them what form of interaction they prefer and what topics interest them. This will help you tailor your community to their needs.

3. Organizing your first event

Now that you have a potential audience, it’s time to bring them together. Organize your first event, whether a virtual job fair, an offline conference, or a combination of both. This event should provide value to your community members and encourage them to engage with each other.

4. Collecting feedback and adapting

After your first event, collect feedback from your community members. What did they like? What could be improved?

Use this feedback to adapt your future events and community activities. Remember, a community is constantly evolving, and your ability to adapt is crucial to its success.

5. Building an online community

Next, build an email list or online community to share relevant information regularly. This could be industry news, job opportunities, or insights from your events. Regular communication will keep your community engaged and help it grow.

6. Sharing information on social media

Finally, share information from your events on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This will facilitate discussions outside your events and attract new members to your community. Remember, the goal is to provide value and position yourself as a trusted resource in your field.

By following these steps, you can set your first steps as a community-led recruitment approach. It’s a journey, but definitely one that’s well worth it! 

Curious to see how community-led recruitment can boost your business? 

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Cas van Oort

Step into the world of Cas van Oort, the recruitment automation expert who is redefining the way recruiters work and unleashing the true power of AI. With a passion for the future of talent acquisition, Cas is on a mission to help recruiters achieve more with less effort. His interests range from new business models to cutting-edge tools and the immense capabilities of AI, Cas is here to guide you through an exciting journey of innovation and optimization. So, get ready to explore a realm where recruiters revolutionize their game, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of top talent and unparalleled success.

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