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The Millionaire Recruiter: Are You Guilty of Following These 5 Recruiter Stereotypes?

“As recruiters, we often don’t realize how others perceive us outside the industry. Understanding these common stereotypes can help us identify where we are lacking and how to build meaningful relationships in recruitment.”

Brianna Rooney
CEO, Thriversity & TalentPerch
Recruiter Stereotypes Brianna Rooney


Let’s be honest. The recruitment industry isn’t known to have the best reputation. 

I see plenty of preconceived notions about recruiters, but don’t let those stereotypes restrict you from doing your job!

While recruiting and staffing may be an industry you love, only a few individuals outside of it understand what recruitment truly is. 

If you want to build the best rapport with your candidates and clients, I recommend breaking away from these five stereotypes right away! 

5 Recruiter Stereotypes You Need to Get Away from!

1. Don’t Be So Secretive! 

Candidates hate a lack of transparency from recruiters.

Unfortunately, I still come across several recruiters who need to be more open about the company and the role they are hiring for. I mean, what is there to hide? 

Put yourself out there and let your candidates know that you are an open book. Make connections with them and just be there when they need. 

If you have a great relationship with your candidate, you can easily get their side of the story represented to your client. 

By being transparent with your candidates, you’re building a level of trust and rapport that will set you apart from other stereotypical recruiters.  

2. Stop Ghosting! 


Whether you’re a recruiter or a candidate, no one wants to be ghosted, and we all deserve an explanation! 

Ghosting is a common complaint I see candidates making. Maintaining clear and timely communication can help you break from this recruiter stereotype and stand out for providing the best candidate experience

Inform your candidate if the hiring manager passes them on during the interview process. If the client is providing feedback to a candidate, give it. Even if you reached out to a candidate by mistake, let them know!

The key is to keep your communication honest and straightforward. 

3. No More Sloppy Spamming 

I understand that recruiting involves a bit of automation today, especially with the countless messages you receive. But you don’t have to make it so obvious! 

Before you go ahead and put yourself on autopilot with your automation tools, take a minute to connect with your client and candidate. 

Get to know the individual you are communicating with and use those details to personalize your automated responses. 

You don’t have to overthink when it comes to communication. Whether it’s a LinkedIn message or an email, templates can help you personalize your messages, all while taking advantage of automation. 

I believe personalizing your communication is the best way to get yourself noticed and break away from the stereotypical spammy recruiter. 

4. Think Beyond Salary Expectations

We can all agree that salary isn’t the most important deal breaker while hiring for a role. 

Instead of jumping right into a candidate’s salary expectations, start by discussing what they want to achieve from the role. 

There are plenty of other candidate motivators recruiters can focus on. Try discussing career growth, work benefits, work-life balance, etc. 

People may not always be switching jobs for money but for better growth or career progression, or even peace of mind! 

Making it all about the salary can often come off as a transactional relationship, making you a stereotypical recruiter. 

5. Do Your Homework! 

Just as you expect your candidates to be well-prepared, so should you. 

Before you take that interview, assess a candidate, or pitch yourself to a client, know what you’re talking about. 

Get to know the role you are hiring for like the back of your hand. Remember to take the time to understand the hiring manager, their expectations, and their goals. 

Even if you can’t solve a candidate’s or client’s problems straight off the bat, at least you’ll be able to build more meaningful relationships through a positive experience.

As recruiters, we often don’t realize how others perceive us outside the industry. 

Understanding these common stereotypes can help us identify where we are lacking and how to build meaningful relationships. 

Happy recruiting. 🙂


Brianna Rooney

A woman serial entrepreneur, Brianna Rooney is the founder and CEO of TalentPerch, Thriversity, The Millionaire Recruiter, and Techees; Affirm acquired its team in 2021. Passionate about all things recruiting, she also co-hosts a podcast called Talent Takeover Unfiltered that brings respect and awareness to the industry.

Brianna’s businesses offer companies and individuals a 360-degree solution to recruiting and sourcing. Thriversity’s mission is to turn anyone into an efficient and successful recruiter, while TalentPerch focuses on providing solutions to the most daunting business hiring goals.

Brianna is a mom to Diego Danger and Lima Ariel. She believes you can be as successful at work as you are at home. You don’t have to choose. Be present and rock everything you do.


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