Cristina Rexach’s take on the ChatGPT revolution: Transforming recruitment for the better

“With the advent of generative AI, specifically, ChatGPT, a new chapter in AI’s story has begun. The doors of technology have opened wide, transforming a highly specialized field into an accessible one for those who aren’t software developers or programmers.”

Cristina Rexach
Director of operations and technology at Digital Recruiter and founder and consultant at Think Lean


Throughout my career in recruiting, I’ve seen a technological transformation like no other. The powerhouse that is artificial intelligence (AI) has truly left its mark, bringing a new dawn to recruitment. 

I’ve seen AI transcribing candidate conversations, crafting efficient responses, and even assisting recruiters with note-taking. 

But, the true game-changer arrived with natural language interaction, a shift that forever changed how we engage with AI.

If you’re still unable to wrap your head around how ChatGPT is revolutionizing the recruitment space, keep reading to learn how I’ve leveraged and trained the generative AI model to streamline tasks. 

My experience with AI in recruitment

A new chapter in AI’s story has begun with the advent of generative AI, specifically, ChatGPT. The doors of technology have opened wide, transforming a highly specialized field more accessible for those of us who aren’t software developers or programmers.

With the datasets prepared for us, and the models primed to perform tasks in our natural language, I’ve seen recruitment operations streamlined like never before!

As a professional juggling many tasks, I understand the challenges of staying focused and managing activities effectively. This is where ChatGPT comes in, functioning like a highly efficient intern, working alongside recruiters like myself to streamline the hiring process.

I’ve seen ChatGPT excel at tasks such as crafting relevant interview questions, understanding job description nuances, or providing context for roles outside my expertise.

The human-AI collaboration is essential for successful hiring

It’s crucial to understand that generative AI, while not a thinker, is an excellent doer. 

I’ve seen it efficiently execute tasks and conduct research, providing clarity in complex situations. This clarity enhances the screening process, improves sourcing, and, ultimately, enhances the overall recruitment process.

By now, I know what you’re thinking. Are AI tools like ChatGPT equipped to take over our recruiting jobs? 

Not quite. 

While AI and machine learning tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, they are unlikely to replace human recruiters. 

In my experience, models like ChatGPT rely on human input for context and guidance. For instance, using an applicant tracking system with AI candidate-matching capabilities requires human input for continuous improvement via machine learning.

AI, as it stands today, cannot fully grasp the human context that’s key to its effectiveness. While automation speeds up processes, it can’t ensure the quality of the output. So, while AI can efficiently create initial drafts, conduct research, or manage tasks, we still need the human brain to determine what’s good enough.

It’s about AI enhancement, not replacement!

In my view, integrating technology in recruitment isn’t about replacing recruiters but rather about enhancing our capabilities. 

Tools like ChatGPT can make our lives easier, allowing us to work more efficiently and focus on building human connections–an aspect of the hiring process that AI can never replicate.

Embracing new technology isn’t just about keeping up with the times; it’s about improving our ability to perform our roles effectively. By understanding and utilizing these advanced tools, we recruiters can streamline our processes further, providing better results for our clients and candidates. 

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Let’s explore the ChatGPT revolution together, transforming recruitment for the better!


Cristina Rexach

Cristina Rexach is a dynamic force in tech, recruiting, and sales. Currently, she serves as the Director of Operations and Technology at Digital Recruiter and Founder and Consultant at Think Lean, bringing her technological prowess and process improvement methodologies to the forefront of the recruitment industry. 

Cristina has a proven track record of creating strategic plans that streamline client development, enhance recruitment effectiveness, and scale businesses.

The Digital Recruiter is a unique 90-day initiative designed to help recruitment professionals adapt and thrive in the modern business landscape. With a focus on tech stack optimization, thoughtful outreach, and compelling content creation, Cristina assists clients in building a robust brand that resonates with their target audience taking their businesses to new heights.


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