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Top Tricks to Promote Your Recruitment Brand During Christmas

The holiday season is the perfect time to connect with your clients! Whether it’s by showing your loyal clients how you care to warming up present and past leads or even enticing new ones with some strong advertisement campaigns— there’s a tremendous chance to optimally use Christmas to your marketing benefit.

Apart from continuing with hiring during December, recruitment agencies can take this time to build scintillating holiday campaigns to get the wheel turning.

If none of the tricks up your sleeves work during this frustratingly slow month, the most advisable thing to do would be to heighten and freshen up your recruitment brand so that as soon as January kicks in, your candidates will actually spot your brand and instantly think of connecting.

3 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Recruitment Brand During Christmas

Here are some fun ways by which your recruitment agency can be a star this Christmas.

1. Create Relevant Social Media & Website Content

recruitment branding

There are no two ways around the fact that Christmas indeed sells!

Everything during this time that shows up on your social media feed is Christmas-themed. Though Christmas can be a very exciting month for some individuals at work, for recruiters mostly it has to be boring.

To up your brand game this holiday season, create, design, and share Christmas-related content on your website and social media.

The best thing to do during this time would be to—

  • Add something Christmas-themed to your brand logo and email signatures. (Use a professional logo maker tool)
  • Send seasonal greetings to your already existing client list. Don’t forget to include potential new clients & prospective candidates as well
  • A photograph of how your recruitment agency spends Christmas can be a decent method of showcasing your employer brand

2. Spread Festive Joy With Videos!

There is no better way to communicate a holiday special message than with videos.

Whether it’s a festive webinar invite video that you send via email to your client list, a video added to your customer page to wish all of your customers some jolly Christmas cheer, or a wacky video that you post on social media of your funky employees dressed as Rudolf, the reindeer– get creative, and have fun with such videos to spread the cheer.

This can promote a positive and fun vibe about your recruitment brand, thereby attracting more candidates and clients for the next year.

3. There’s Nothing Better Than Gifts

christmas gifts

Sending Christmas presents to clients and top candidates is going to be incredible for your recruitment agency’s image. Who doesn’t like gifts?!

The more unique you can be with this idea the better. Just go as far with this as bodes well. Make sure you pick cautiously when choosing what to send them.

Conveying some sealed Christmas cards can likewise be a decent touch, especially in the event of the pandemic.

Make everyone feel that they’re truly taken care of.

This Christmas and New Year, ensure you make proper use of your recruitment marketing ideas and get the most out of your campaigns in January, 2022.

Our entire team at Recruit CRM wishes you —

A Merry Christmas & warm wishes for the New Year!

May this Holiday Season be loaded with joy & peace!

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