’Tis the season for holiday planning, gift-giving, and fun festivities!

With Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably winding down for a holiday break, but what about the upcoming year’s recruiting plan? Here’s a super fun and useful checklist to help you keep the ball rolling for high productivity and spirits!

5 Things Recruiters Need to Tick-off Their Christmas Checklists

1. ’Tis the Season for a Company Party!

The office - Christmas spirit
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Who doesn’t love a good ol’ company party during the holidays? 

Before sending those party invites to your employees, why not include your clients and candidates in your gathering? 

Candidates who apply to your open positions want to know more about you and how you can help them land their dream job. But, just like candidates, your clients, too, are interested in learning about your work culture and the kind of talent you attract to build a solid partnership. 

With so many stakeholders interested in your employer brand, what better time to showcase it than Christmas and the New Year?

2. Boost Your Productivity Using Recruiting Tools 

Christmas checklist for recruiters
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If you’re thinking about entering 2023 with new recruiting tools, the festive season is the best time to go over what you’d like to invest in. 

Start by listing all the areas where your recruitment agency could improve. Then, research and assess which recruitment tools will boost your team’s productivity, cut down repetitive manual tasks and assist you in achieving your goals for the next quarter.

For example, if your existing recruitment software is not performing up to the mark, now’s the time to research new tools and list the steps you need to take care of before changing your Applicant Tracking System. This way, you can step into 2023 with everything prepared! 

3. Prepare for the New Year

New year countdown
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No one wants to start January without any clarity and direction. So, as the year comes to an end, take some time to address the recruitment goals you want to achieve in 2023

Apart from creating a roadmap for the coming year, take stock of all the amazing things you and your recruiting team have achieved over the past year. Celebrate your wins and take note of the objectives you might have missed. 

Finally, don’t forget to dedicate some time to all those small administrative tasks you’ve been putting off for weeks. Make sure all your job descriptions, client and candidate databases, career sites, and social media are up to date. 

4. Spread Some Holiday Cheer!

Holiday cheer
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There’s a reason why everybody loves the holiday season. With everyone in a festive mood, recruiters can use this time for all kinds of networking! 

You can build stronger business relationships, all while spreading some insane holiday cheer. Apart from company parties, catch up with your network over a coffee and discuss how the year went for them and what they have planned for the next quarter. 

With most people out of office for the season, you might not want to disturb people with cold calls and emails, but have you ever considered getting in touch with college students? 

With college students at home for the holidays and ready to graduate in the new year, the younger demographic will appreciate any job openings that come their way.

5. Relax & Recharge

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Ensure you’re dedicating time to yourself to wind down after a busy year of recruiting. 

Don’t burn yourself out before the new year even begins! So take some time off to relax and recharge. Why not organize a relaxing session of cool games and hot chocolate with your colleagues to spread some Christmas joy?

Here’s to a holly, jolly and joyous Christmas! What do you have on your Christmas checklist? Let us know in the comments.