From quiet quitting to career cushioning, quiet firing, and the great resignation, recruiters have seen several emerging trends and developments shaping the recruitment industry this year. 

But enough of recalling! We all want better results in 2023, and this requires lots of strategizing.

If you, too, have started jotting down goals and resolutions for the next year like everyone else, take cues from our list to stay one step ahead in the game.

Top 5 Resolutions You Gotta Stick to No Matter What

1. “I’m Going to Invest in Training New Recruiters”

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past year, the recruitment industry is constantly evolving! 

In such a dynamic field, recruiters must stay on top of the latest industry challenges and trends.

So, the best investment you could make this 2023 would be in a solid training program for all the new recruiters joining your agency. Even recruiters with years of experience can benefit by upskilling themselves. 

Here are a few online courses that you can sign everyone up for—

Undoubtedly a stellar recruiter training program speeds up the onboarding process, fills any development gaps, and increases employee productivity and engagement—all of which are essential for the long-term functioning of a successful recruiting agency.

Recruiters should also be encouraged to provide feedback and follow-ups and understand the importance of first-hand operations learning.

2. “I’ll Research & Pay Attention to Ever-Changing Recruitment Trends”

If there’s anything that took center stage in the recruitment industry this year, it is keeping up with the demands of job seekers. 

With unprecedented events like economic recessions and layoffs, job seekers today have changed their priorities and expect nothing less from their employers. 

As a result, it’s time for recruiters to enhance their candidate experience and tap into what candidates expect the most from their employers.

To prepare for the new year, RESEARCH what motivates candidates to apply to certain jobs and what makes the hiring process worthwhile for them. 

This way, you’ll have the perfect headstart to the new year and stand ahead of your competitors. 

3. “I’ll Adapt to a Data-Driven Recruitment Process”

new year resolution recruiters

For as long as data has existed, recruiters have depended on recruitment metrics to make informed hiring decisions.

For instance, LinkedIn Talent Insights provide recruiters with on-demand access to real-time data about talent pools and companies, including visual data that can be exported or shared with other users.

If you’re searching for a suitable candidate for a job opening, understanding your available data points can be your shortcut to making a placement. 

A trove of data is generated during the recruiting process, which can be your secret to improving candidate prediction capabilities. The analysis of this data will expedite the recruitment process and increase fill rates. 

Besides enhancing the interaction between the recruiter and the hiring manager, recruitment data can also help increase feedback from both sides.

4. “I’m Going to Take Advantage of #RecTech & Automation Tools”

If there’s anything that has made 2022 easier for recruiters, it’s the availability of recruitment technology and automation tools. 

Can you imagine going through this year’s workload without reliable productivity tools?!

Recruitment technology can assist you in matching suitable candidates to open positions and improve the overall performance of your agency. 

But if you’re not leveraging your technology correctly, you’ll end up with too many unnecessary tools filling up your recruitment system. 

Instead, it’s best to rely on a few handy tools to centralize and streamline your workflow. For example, with an all-in-one Applicant Tracking System including a built-in CRM, you won’t have to worry about multiple tools cluttering your system. 

Finally, use your recruitment technology to its fullest by implementing a remote hiring experience for your candidates. 

5. “I’ll Focus on Networking & Cultivating Meaningful Connections”

new year resolution recruiters

We all know networking is the key to successful recruiting. Especially with today’s tough competition, cultivating meaningful relationships will help you stand out from the crowd and attract potential candidates. 

Job seekers today are more often reporting about cold and impersonal hiring practices, which can negatively impact the candidate experience. 

To avoid this, provide value to your candidate’s hiring process and set up the best communication practices for your recruitment agency.

Establishing meaningful connections will not only help you build a robust professional network, but it will also help you build credibility, attracting talented candidates and clients.  

With these five new year’s resolutions, we’re sure recruiters can devise a killer recruiting strategy and stay well-prepared for the upcoming challenges 2023 might bring. 

What are some of your resolutions? Let us know in the comments!