5 Resolutions Recruiters Need to Make This 2022

It’s just a week until 2022 and it’s time to make plans and set goals for the new year. You’ve probably already noted down the hits and misses for the year. There will be a few strategies that might have worked wonders for you and others hopefully not so much.

But enough of recalling. We all want better results in 2022 and that requires loads of planning.

With virtual recruiting and remote working on the rise, agency recruiters are looking towards automating candidate screening and cancelling typical in-person client and candidate meetings to a large extent.

Data is going to be a really crucial factor when it comes to making important recruitment decisions in 2022. Recruiters are enthusiastic about Artificial Intelligence, with 36% claiming that it will improve their work. Chatbots on job sites had resulted in a 95% increase in lead conversion and 40% more candidates completing applications this year.

Thus, a lot of investment in automation and recruitment technology is not unexpected.

Just like everyone, recruiters have also started jotting down their goals for the next quarter. Let’s take a look at a few new year resolutions that we have summarised.

5 New Year Resolutions for Agency Recruiters

new year resolutions for recruiters

While there are numerous changes in the recruiting field, it is critical for recruiters to stay on top of things. Here are a few resolutions that you should make as a recruiter in order to be successful.

1. Invest in Training New Recruiters

The best investment you could make this 2022 would be in developing better training programs for new recruiters joining your recruitment agency. Even recruiters with years of experience might benefit from such skills training.

As a recruiting agency, it’s crucial to develop an effective training strategy for recruiters to acquire the best talent for your clients. Recruiter training can directly impact your organisation’s productivity and growth.

There’s no place for unconscious bias this 2022. Make sure your new training program points out how recruiters must be conscious of their own prejudices and take steps to counteract the same.

Aside from that, you should also be able to encourage feedback and follow-ups and understand the importance of first-hand operations learning.

Read more: 10 things to keep in mind while training recruiters for your agency.

Covid-19 has had a significant influence on many aspects and recruitment is no exception. Much like 2021 had been designated as the year where candidate experience took centre stage, it’s going to be the same this year too.

It’s time to enhance your candidate experience in a number of ways such as— upgrading your client’s career websites and conducting surveys to get input from quality prospects.

Apart from this you are expected to place a high value on diversity and inclusion among other recruiting practices. In order to attract contingent labour, you must be prepared to use a variety of interview techniques. The use of data-driven analytics will have an influence on how firms design their talent acquisition strategy in 2022.

Having the proper tools to assist you in matching the right individuals to the right positions will improve the overall performance of your recruitment agency.

3. Look Into Data Analytics Before Recruiting the Perfect Candidate

For as long as data has existed, agency recruiters have been dependent on it to make decisions.

For instance, LinkedIn Talent Insights provide recruiters with on-demand access to real-time data about talent pools and companies.

This also includes easy-to-understand visualisations of your data that can be exported or shared with other users.

To find the top candidates for a job opening, you will need to understand how to assess the many data points available. A trove of data is generated during the recruiting process itself, which may be used to improve prediction capabilities.

The analysis of this data will help expedite your recruiting process and increase fill rates. Apart from enhancing the interaction between the recruiter and the hiring manager, data may help increase feedback from both sides.

4. Practising Diversity Hiring

Recruiters must recognise that having a high-quality staff is critical to the success of any organisation. Employee recruitment and retention have always improved as a consequence of diversity in the workplace.

Therefore, practising diversity hiring is really important as you step into 2022.

Did you know as per World Economic Forum, firms that have been effective in utilising any type of diversity (which has included both the employment and development of women) have enjoyed a higher financial performance in the long term than other organisations?

5. Improve Employee Referrals

This new year take the ultimate resolution of implementing better employee referral programs. Offer your client’s employees a voice in the recruiting process, allowing them to be more productive.

Such programs have shown to be the most effective source of new hires. 46% of applicants that come in via an employee referral programme remain for at least a year in the company.

So why not make good use of it?

At the end of the day always remember that successful recruiters enjoy what they do. You’ll always have better results if you’re really passionate about what you’re doing.

While these are just a few pointers to push you ahead in 2022, the real flamethrower lies with you. What are some of your resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

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