2023 has been quite the ride, hasn’t it?

From the challenges of quiet quitting to the rise of quiet firing, it’s been a year of learning and adapting in the industry. 

Now as we transition into 2024, it’s time to get strategies in order.  

This blog is packed with New Year’s resolutions designed to hone your recruiting expertise and set you up for success in the coming year.

Read on to stay ahead in the game. 

5 resolutions you got to stick to in 2024 [No matter what]

new year resolutions for agency recruiters

1. I’ll invest in training and upskilling myself

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past year, the recruitment industry is constantly evolving!

Investing in recruiter certification courses should be one of your top New Year resolutions for 2024. 

We have listed down some online courses you can sign up for—

Don’t stop here, though. 

Regular workshops on sourcing, candidate engagement, and interview skills can also give your recruiting tactics a solid boost.

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2. I’ll boost my recruitment agency’s brand image

Building brand awareness is key to your recruitment agency’s success, and it’s a task that requires patience and consistency. 

In a market as saturated as staffing, creating a standout brand image is challenging, but with the right strategies, it’s certainly achievable.

Start by being active on social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter.

Create informative and engaging content relevant to your audience.

Consider joining LinkedIn groups for recruiters. These are excellent spaces to share your expertise, interact with peers, and connect with other industry professionals.

Lastly, get your ball rolling on email marketing. Number-wise, 37% of brands will increase their email budget in 2024.  

Build an email list to share informative newsletters, job alerts, and industry news. You can do so via different methods and tools — pop-up forms, lead magnets, a LinkedIn email finder, other social media channels, outreach, etc. — according to your resources and specific demands.

This approach helps keep your brand at the top of mind for potential clients and candidates. 

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3. I’ll prioritize my team’s mental health and well-being

new year resolutions for agency recruiters

Working in a high-pressure environment can take a toll on your team’s mental health. 

To avoid this, go deeper than just aHow are you?’ 

Encouraging open dialogue is a great start. Regular check-ins, not just about projects but about how they’re coping, can make a world of difference. 

Aim to build a culture where it’s okay to say, ‘I’m overwhelmed,’ and employees know there’s a support system to help.

Whether it’s the option to work remotely, flexible hours or mental health days, these adjustments can help reduce stress and prevent burnout. 

Invest in your team’s health practices, like yoga classes and gym sessions. 

Remember, when you take care of your people, they take care of the business. 

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4. I will make AI my recruitment buddy

With so much of recruitment being ripe for automation, why not give AI a shot in 2024? 

Think about it – an AI-powered recruiting software revolutionizing your hiring process, making it not just faster but smarter too!

Let technology handle the heavy data lifting, and you focus on connecting the right people with the right opportunities.

Just remember, AI isn’t perfect. It has its own downsides, like potential biases. 

Take AI-driven video interviews, for instance. They could accidentally overlook great candidates just because of their facial expressions or how they speak. 

It’s all about finding that balance and using artificial intelligence as a tool, not a replacement.

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5. I’ll focus on networking and cultivating meaningful connections 

You have to make networking and relationship-building your superpower in 2024.

This means actively listening, showing GENUINE interest, and following up. 

It’s like turning brief encounters into lasting partnerships.

Host your own events, create online forums, or start a podcast.

Stay in touch with new contacts through occasional check-ins, share relevant articles, or congratulate them on their professional achievements.

Remember, effective networking is reciprocal. 

Always be prepared to offer assistance, share your expertise, or make meaningful connections with others. 

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With these five fresh resolutions, we’re sure recruiters can create a killer recruiting strategy and stay well-prepared to tackle any challenges 2024 might bring. 

Happy New Year!