As you enjoy the Christmas vibe, ensure that you chalk out a plan for one of the busiest months in recruitment – January! 

Here are 5 things you can do right now to have a hassle-free and way more productive start to 2024.

5 December to-dos to have a stress-free 2024

1. Create a solid plan for January

recruitment strategies for December

January is definitely a very happening month, so before the storm hits you, make sure that these basics are in place to help you sail through: 

  • Have approval on important decisions from your hiring manager
  • Sort out your marketing strategies and ads so that they can just start rolling out as soon as you reopen after the holidays
  • Crucial job descriptions should already be written so that you don’t spend the initial few days crafting them

2. Invest in an intuitive recruiting software

Applicant Tracking System is indeed a blessing in disguise for recruiters.

The right recruitment automation technology helps you save time and money by streamlining the entire hiring process for you.

This is the best time to evaluate a recruiting software that will suit your business needs so that you complete all data migration and set up in time for January.

The correct way to shortlist the best Applicant Tracking System is by evaluating its features, setting up a budget, and then booking a demo with the ATS provider

The final step would be to calculate its Return on Investments which you can do using an ATS ROI Calculator

3. Stay in touch with your candidates

recruitment strategies for December

Your candidates can be in the pre-hiring phase, mid-hiring phase or someone who has accepted their offer letter already.

You should be responsible for interacting with them at least twice — once before Christmas and then post the holiday season.

Staying in touch over a phone call or a short email exchange can help bring value.

Remember that even during a hiring freeze it is important to keep your talent pipeline warm and keep the candidate pool engaged.

4. Develop your employer brand effectively

This is the best time to stay on top of your game, as you can essentially grab this opportunity to showcase how fun and friendly you and your entire team can be.

Here are some recruitment marketing tips for you: 

  • Use your social media handles to showcase how your recruitment agency is celebrating the festivities
  • Send customized season’s greetings emails to all your clients and candidates
  • Write and repurpose relevant content on your blog page
  • Ask your colleagues to share fun videos and text messages to bring about a strong message on your employer brand

5. Review the entire process

While waiting for January to make a new beginning, recruiters can use the time by reviewing their recruiting process.

Which automation tools, job boards, and social media channels are working for you?

Take a meticulous look at all of your recruitment metrics and important KPIs to ensure that you start off the new year on a prolific note.

It’s time for you to get going with these simple tips, and don’t forget to tell us in the comments how you are planning to make your January relaxed!