It’s the holiday season, and what better time to connect with your clients and candidates to build a positive brand image?

Recruiters across the world are busy with holiday festivities in many parts of the world, but Christmas is a great time to work on your recruitment marketing strategy.  

So here are some easy peasy tricks to win your recruitment brand extra attention during the festive season. 

3 Simple Ways to Spice up Your Recruitment Brand During Christmas

1. Create [Valuable] Festive Content on Social Platforms

Did you know social media traffic spikes by a whopping 73% during the holiday season, making it the perfect time to promote your brand on your social channels?

There’s no denying that our social media feeds are flooded with Christmas-themed content during December. So if you want to spice up your social media platforms with fun and engaging content for your target audience, now’s the time to get creative! 

Sharing Christmas-themed content relevant to your recruitment brand will receive much more engagement than any BAU content.

 For example, you can dedicate an advent calendar countdown on social media where you can share valuable tips each day for candidates, helping them land their dream jobs. 

Here are some other foolproof ways to incorporate Christmas-related content on your website and social media: 

  • Add something Christmas-themed to your brand logo and email signatures 
  • Send season’s greetings to your already existing client list. Don’t forget to include potential new clients & prospective candidates as well
  • A photograph of how your recruitment agency spends Christmas 

2. Schedule a Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

We know what you’re thinking. With all the recruitment brand promotion during Christmas, when do YOU get to sit back and enjoy your holidays?

Leave it to email marketing! 

When it comes to making your recruitment brand stand out, consistency is key. Fortunately, with email automation, you can easily promote your services without being glued to your phone or laptop. 

All you have to do is create valuable content your target audience would like to see, allowing them to warm up to your brand. For example, you can share newsletters, new job opening alerts, job-seeking tips, or a year in review to highlight your search firm’s achievements during the past year. 

If you intend to spread some holiday cheer through recruitment emails, here are some quick tips: 

  • Shortlist your email recipients and what kind of content they will receive 
  • Encourage people to forward the email
  • Include a clear call to action and a compelling subject line

3. Spread Cheer Through Christmas Offers

Your recruitment agency might not be Santa’s workshop, but you can still offer gifts through a limited-time Christmas offer. 

Your agency can run a special Christmas campaign, offering discounted or free additional recruitment services for your clients to encourage interest. 

Take advantage of Christmas cards, festive ad content, mass emails, social media posts, and landing pages for your website to drive traffic and create buzz for your limited-time offer. 

With your Christmas offer being the talk of the town, you’re sure to grab some attention from prospective clients for the new year.

By taking advantage of Christmas to promote your recruitment brand, your agency will be off to an excellent start in the new year.

As sleigh bells ring and the air fills with cheer, happy holidays from the entire Recruit CRM team 🙂