Recruiters are professional matchmakers too!

The only difference is that they focus on building professional relationships more than personal ones.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for the short-term or the long-term; they do it just the same.

The process is pretty straightforward, just like Cupid’s role in matchmaking. You first get in touch with great clients who require new employees and source potential candidates for them.

Once you decide to move forward with certain applicants, you fix interviews, collect feedback from your clients, and make an offer if all goes well.

Both your candidate and the client have found their one true love.

Keep reading to find out some recruitment secrets from Cupid this Valentine’s Day!

4 things Cupid would have done if he was a recruiter

1. Match made in Heaven

Legend has it that an angelic little boy (who followed his mother’s wishes) made people fall in love by shooting magical gold-tipped arrows. By piercing their hearts, he would cause them to fall in love.

This is probably typical of Cupid to do. It comes pretty naturally to him.

If he were a recruiter, he would thoroughly screen until he found the right match for the client. He wouldn’t just settle with anyone; he would look for the best.

His matchmaking wouldn’t just be limited to finding quality candidates. Cupid would also have helped you build the right tech stack for your talent acquisition needs.

2. Identified potential barriers

If Cupid is unable to source the right fit for the hiring manager, he wouldn’t just give up!

He would have thoroughly examined why things were going wrong. He would have identified gaps, patterns, and reasons for a high turnover.

For instance, there might have been a gap in communication. But unfortunately, this is not one of Cupid’s strongest points as he is himself blindfolded.

But this hardly makes him miss out on it.

Apart from identifying what was amiss, he would have (for sure!) stressed that engaging and maintaining a proper communication with candidates is highly significant when it comes to recruiting.

Who knows he likely would even drop in a recommendation for the right Recruitment CRM too 😉

3. Together for the long run

Come on; if Cupid ends up hiring, the compatibility has to be top-notch!

The candidates supplied would be of high quality and will be staying with your client’s company for the long run.

This is the greatest possible lesson Cupid has ever taught in both matchmaking and recruitment.

Look out for people who have stability, are flexible, and are highly resilient.

4. You love who you love

Love is blind, and you love who you love, right?

Cupid himself is blindfolded at work. What more can you expect?

If he would’ve been able to see while shooting arrows at humans, probably the definition of love would have drastically changed.

If Cupid turned out to be a recruiter, he wouldn’t have been biased towards candidates.

He wouldn’t have let language, location, culture, ethnicity, or gender come in the way. Moreover, to stay away from any form of unconscious bias, he would have taken all necessary measures to prevent it.

Here comes another excellent recruitment lesson.

Unless your hiring manager has restricted you geographically (or otherwise), you are free to look for candidates everywhere.

This not just broadens your reach but also helps you acquire diverse candidates who’ll end up benefiting your clients in various ways.

Here’s an article on diversity hiring that’ll offer you hints.

Cupid is all about creating long-lasting relationships with candidates and having a well-nurtured talent pipeline.

This Valentine’s Day, take home these basic lessons in recruitment and build a highly effective recruitment strategy.

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