We are no dating gurus!

But what better time to part some dating advice than Valentine’s week?

While love is in the air, your common friends might have just set you up on a date with someone.

It’s pretty understandable if you’re anxious, especially if this is something you’re doing after a long time.

To top it all, when you come to know that your date is a recruiter, you struggle to understand what you should expect from the person.

Now there’s not really a manual that can help you go about it. Sucks, right?

Dating and recruitment go hand-in-hand. It’s all about finding that perfect one. Not that we are hopeless romantics, but we’ve tried to break it down for you so that your date is a memorable one.

Dating a recruiter? Here are 5 things you can expect

1. Your date loves stability

If there’s one crucial thing recruiters dig the most, that has to be stability.

With hundreds of job applications that they scan through every day, they try looking for someone who has been sure about their jobs in the past.

Similarly, you can also expect your date to be stable, sound, and rational.

While the definition of a stable job is changing much like dating, if you’re steady in life and emotionally intelligent, you’re bound to strike exciting conversations at the table.

2. Transparency is crucial

Recruiters love it when their candidates are open with them. They appreciate the vulnerability and the honesty that comes with it.

Life can’t always be about wins, can it?

Just like they expect candidates to be transparent with them, most of these recruiters work on being transparent themselves first— about the job they’re offering, their client’s company culture, the tasks and responsibilities, and so on.

It can be super tempting to hold back details, especially if this is your first date but try being transparent and see the magic.

Be clear about what you want in life, out of your relationships and career. And when they end up popping the ultimate question — Where do you see yourself in 5 years? have a solid answer ready!

3. Thrives on proper communication

Your date knows the ins and outs of proper communication. It is what they do on a daily basis. Recruiters usually are excellent speakers and listeners.

They intently listen to candidates talk about their interests, hobbies, what they dislike the most, their aspirations and so on. This helps them match candidates with the perfect job.

Now that you’ve got yourself a gifted communicator, you’ll need to convey your thoughts adequately if you want the date to be successful.

Tell them what you expect out of a serious relationship. If this is something you’re not interested in right now, set that record straight too.

It’s crucial to communicate effectively as it helps maintain your expectations and saves you from heartbreak.

4. Expect integrity

Being honest and holding strong moral principles separates quality recruiters from rookies.

There’s an increased chance for your date to be high on integrity.

It helps them drive results for their clients and assists them in doing the right thing for their candidates.

At the end of the day, you would want to feel happy and be sure about the results you’ve achieved. If this is something you both are invested in, then you’ll hit it off instantly!

5. Will hate you if you end up ghosting!

Recruiters are pretty much straightforward and wear their hearts on their sleeves.

If there’s one thing they hate the most, then it’s got to be ghosting. But, if you know anything about recruitment, you’ll realize it’s one tough job.

There’s insane hard work involved, from sourcing suitable candidates to finally finding the one. In the end, if the candidate ends up ghosting, can you imagine the disappointment?

Recruiters deeply understand how it feels to be ghosted. And when it comes to a date, they would think thrice before doing it.

Alternatively, they would expect the same out of the other person too. So by the time the date ends, if you feel this is not going anywhere, make sure you’re telling them upfront.

Never ghost, or they’ll end up hating you.

While you still have time to perfect your profile, relax and prepare yourself for the date, don’t forget to look into the fun sides of dating as well.

Also, to all the single people reading this, we hope you find your one pretty soon!

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂