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8 Customer Reviews That Showcase Recruit CRM’s Uber Cool Brand Image

This year, G2 has recognized Recruit CRM as one of the high performers with one of the best ratings in the recruitment software category so far. And it’s not without reason we’ve been one of the highest-rated products consistently on Capterra with a 4.9 rating!

In the words of our CEO, Shoanak Mallapurkar— “For us, software is religion and the user is God.”

This is something that has been embedded into folks who are giving their time and energy to the company. For all the labour that the entire team is doing, here are some sweet reviews from our customers who truly believe in us and love our ATS + CRM software.

1. Kim Silbar (Executive Vice President, GTE Holdings)

customer review recruit crm

2. Olivier Leroy (Commercial Director, teamCo Paris)

customer reviews recruit crm

3. Jordan O’Neill (Head of Talent Research, Reflection X)

recruit crm reviews

4. Aaron Smith (Director, Initiate LLC)

recruitment software reviews

5. Dominik Mueller (COO, Onyx Circle)

best recruitment software reviews

6. Maxime Cohendet (Co-Founder & COO, Avizio)

recruiting software reviews

7. Leo McKeague (Executive Director, eMFUsion Global)

recruiting software reviews

8. Jessi Kessel (National Director of Operations, Auto Careers Group)

recruit crm reviews

Recruit CRM is now trusted by recruitment agencies in 60+ countries. To read our reviews on Capterra, visit here.

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