Barry Prost is the Managing Partner of Propel Consult and Yala. He specialises in providing recruitment, employer branding services to employers in Ireland, Europe and the Middle East.

Presently, a committee member of the National Recruitment Federation and member of the SFA Skillnet / SME Productivity Board, he talks about his early days in our podcast right out of Trinity College, Dublin. Always enthusiastic about doing something for himself and with a keen interest in entrepreneurship, he recollects a lot of job interviews that he had been a part of.

One such incident was when he responded to a job offer in the Irish Times and went on to meet the Directors of the company. Later, he was flown over to London (Business class) where they practically sold him the job. With other job offers from major tech companies such as Oracle, Prost had exciting experiences right after graduation.

Barry served as the Regional Manager for Beresford Blake Thomas (now Randstad) where he ran offices across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland for 8 years.

Now, for more than a decade, he has been the Managing Partner for Propel Consult. Propel Consult is a multi-sector, specialist consultant offering services to clients in the Middle East. It was established to provide comprehensive management and recruitment consulting service.

His team consists of 30 of the most experienced recruiters in the market and the company specialises in Engineering & Construction, Life Sciences, Oil & Energy, Banking & Finance and Human Resources.

Listen to Barry give advice to young recruitment entrepreneurs on how to deal with issues such as scaling your business and generating recurring revenue in our 24th episode.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs- Episode 24- Ft. Barry Prost

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