Get ready for a fun-packed experience as we bring you an exclusive rapid-fire session with some of the top experts from the recruitment industry.

Gain valuable insights, including priceless advice for those just starting out in recruitment, discussions on the highs and lows of the profession, and so much more! Dive in for some quick scoop from the interview. 

A word of advice to new recruiters

1. Sharpen your tech skills 

As stated by Andrew Walbert, a seasoned recruiter, sharpening your tech skills is a must to keep progressing in this industry. The automation of different hiring processes by using data and AI recruitment software together makes it important to upskill and grow daily.

2. Find a mentor 

Thomas Jennings puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of finding a good mentor to glide through the learning curve. As he states – “You can’t know what you don’t know; find someone who does.”

3. Manage your time wisely 

The recruitment industry is a high-pressure environment with a lot of competition and targets to fulfill; managing your time wisely makes it easy to handle unforeseen situations and deal with responsibilities effectively. 

4. Be open-minded 

Embracing an open-minded and receptive attitude towards constructive feedback paves the way for personal growth and continuous learning. 

As highlighted by Sierra Schneider, acknowledging our mistakes and actively seeking solutions becomes vital in the journey toward improvement and self-development.

3 most important things in candidate experience

1. Communication 

In the realm of candidate experience, effective communication plays a pivotal role, ensuring a smooth and engaging interaction between the candidate and the recruiter.

2. Candidate’s career 

The candidate’s career is paramount, and aligning opportunities with their professional aspirations is crucial for successful recruitment.

3. Transparency 

Transparency in recruitment builds trust and allows candidates to make informed decisions by providing clear information about job requirements, company culture, and expectations.

 Superpowers they would love to use for recruitment

1. Detect lies 

The ability to detect lies would be a game-changer in recruitment, enabling recruiters to uncover hidden truths and make more informed hiring decisions.

2. Mind reading 

The power of mind reading would provide recruiters unparalleled insights into candidates’ thoughts and intentions, facilitating better understanding and assessment during recruitment.

3. Research

The superpower of enhanced research capabilities would empower recruiters to swiftly gather comprehensive information about candidates, organizations, and market trends, leading to more strategic and effective recruitment strategies.

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