In an enlightening conversation with Recruit CRM, David Rolls, who has made a significant shift from an experienced recruiter to a freelance business development coach, unveils his expert strategies and insights for successfully navigating the complexities of the recruitment industry.

Rolls cover several critical areas, including―

  • The criticality of pinpointing your target audience
  • The overarching challenges faced by recruiters today
  • Effective solutions for boosting efficiency and enhancing the recruitment process

Catch the entire interview. 

Get to know David Rolls

David Rolls has a pretty interesting story in the recruitment world. He’s been in the game for over seven years, but what’s fascinating is how he stumbled into this field. 

Like many, he didn’t start out dreaming of a career in recruitment. 

His journey took a turn when, after spending a few months backpacking around Southeast Asia and running low on funds, he was approached to join a recruitment company. 

Despite having a background in sales and little knowledge of recruitment beyond its association with HR, David decided to give it a shot. 

Fast-forward seven years, and he’s not only thrived in the industry but has also transitioned into a role where he coaches and trains recruitment companies on business development.

David is driven by a desire to improve the industry’s reputation and tackle its challenges, making it a better environment for recruiters, candidates, and clients alike.

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“Recruiters worldwide struggle with a poor reputation, facing similar reactions from others, which impacts the industry globally. A major challenge is the wasted time and emotional toll, as 60% of a recruiter’s time can be spent on roles that may end up being pulled, filled by other agencies, or filled internally.”

 ―David Rolls, Business Development Coaching Trainer.

David’s take on recruitment business development strategies

1. Incorporating retained recruitment

Rolls advocates for a move towards retained recruitment as a means to address some of the industry’s most persistent challenges, such as the high rate of time and effort wasted on roles that are eventually pulled or filled by other means. 

In this approach, recruiters receive a commitment fee upfront and guaranteed compensation for their efforts, regardless of whether they eventually fill the role. 

This method benefits both recruiters and companies―it ensures that they are rewarded for their work while demonstrating the company’s serious commitment to the recruitment process. 

Adopting retained recruitment respects the recruiter’s time and encourages companies to participate more actively and thoughtfully in hiring.

2. Providing tangible value

“I think what you can do is provide free stuff and free guides. People like it. Look into how you can provide value to your prospects.” 

 ―David Rolls, Business Development Coaching Trainer.

In a sea of recruiters, how do you stand out? 

Now, David has a simple yet powerful answer to this―provide undeniable value. 

Whether it’s through insightful content, free resources, or unmatched service, the goal is to showcase your expertise and build trust. 

He believes that by focusing on adding real, tangible value, recruiters can distinguish themselves in a competitive market and cultivate lasting relationships that lead to business success. 

Remember, you’re a valuable partner in your client’s recruitment journey. 

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3. Building a strong personal brand 

In today’s digital era, carving out a strong personal brand and mastering social media is non-negotiable for success in any field, including recruitment. 

David shares his own journey of conquering social media platforms and how personal branding courses fine-tuned his approach. 

In fact, he has even positioned himself as a thought leader by delivering valuable content and engaging with his audience. 

This strategy not only draws potential clients but also fosters a community of like-minded professionals. 

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