Accelerating your hiring process requires a great deal of efficiency. It’s not simply about gathering the latest research on the top recruiting tools, ATS’ and CRMs but also about understanding how to approach your clients and candidates. Starting from where to find better candidates to leveraging the power of LinkedIn and improving on candidate experience, the process involved in hacking recruitment is tedious but fun.

However, we have made it super easy for you.

1. Track your ROIs & KPIs

recruitment hacks

2. Ask for rational solutions from candidates

recruitment hacks

3. Know your budget before investing in an Applicant Tracking System

recruitment hacks

4. Don’t delay in rolling out offer letters

recruitment hacks

5. Know the funnels that are draining your energy & act on it

recruitment hacks

6. Learn the nuances of hiring for a remote job

recruitment hacks

7. Understand growth hacking well

recruitment hacks

8. Poach candidates from other companies

recruitment hacks

9. A good recruiting software is the answer to all your recruiting problems


10. Main means of candidate sources


11. Look for the right integrations


12. Invest in a good video-interviewing software


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