When it comes to crafting a recruitment firm that stands out, Lewis Maleh is a name you need to know.

In his recent talk with Recruit CRM, he dives into the ethos that has guided Bentley Lewis, his recruitment business, to its success. 

Some key highlights from the video are: 

  • The vision of Bentley Lewis was to create a company where people would be proud to work and do their best work.
  • Knowing one’s worth is crucial for advocating for oneself and advancing in one’s career.
  • Doing due diligence before joining a company is important to ensure a good fit and avoid potential issues like mismatched company culture or inadequate compensation. 
  • Building long-term relationships and networks in the industry is valuable for recruiters.

Watch the full interview here:

Who is Lewis Maleh?

Lewis Maleh is the guy who’s totally changing the game in recruitment. With 17 years in the biz, he started his own executive search firm, Bentley Lewis, because he believed there was a better way to do hiring. 

Maleh’s journey, from trying out different jobs to creating a place where everyone’s happy to show up every day, is super inspiring.

His goal is to make sure people love where they work and feel they’re worth a million bucks. 

So, if you’re curious about how one person can make a big splash in the recruitment world with some smart thinking and a lot of heart, Lewis is your man. 

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building recruitment firm with Lewis Maleh

How to build your recruitment firm? Explore these 6 solid tricks

Lewis Maleh has laid down some solid hacks for anyone looking to make their mark in the recruitment industry. 

1. Cultivate a workplace where everyone wants to be included

Creating a positive work environment goes beyond having a nice office space. It’s about fostering a culture where people feel valued and excited to contribute. 

“I wanted to build a company where people would be proud to work in, where they can learn and do the best work of their lives.”
—Lewis Maleh, Founder, Bentley Lewis. 

Maleh emphasizes the importance of vision and passion in building such a workplace, making your firm a place where success is shared and celebrated.

2. Embrace self-worth in your career

Knowing your worth is a game-changer. It’s the foundation upon which you can build confidence and advocate for yourself. 

This belief in self-worth is crucial for personal growth and for setting the tone of your recruitment firm.

3. Do your homework before diving in

Maleh advises doing thorough due diligence before joining or starting a company. 

It involves investigating financials, understanding the company culture, and even examining what people say on platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor

4. Prioritize quality over quantity

It’s easy to get caught up in numbers. However, your approach must focus on quality over quantity. 

Through the retained search firm model, your firm must commit to finding the right person for the job, emphasizing the importance of doing a great consultative job over just making sales.

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5. Leverage AI to stay ahead of the game

Technology, especially AI, is revolutionizing the recruitment industry. 

Lewis shares the importance of utilizing AI recruiting software to streamline hiring processes, making recruitment more efficient and productive.

6. Treat recruiters with the respect they deserve

Lastly, building positive relationships with other recruiters can significantly impact your candidate search success. The trick is to communicate politely and respectfully to acknowledge their hard work.

We haven’t covered all the hacks, watch the full interview to know more: