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Case Study: Recruit CRM Is Helping A Legal Recruitment Agency Hire Talent Seamlessly

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Recruit CRM Published on Sep 30, 2021

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The Founder and Director of Avimukta, Neha Sharma, with more than a decade long experience in the legal recruitment sector has enormous knowledge in the field and a wide network that includes some of the top organisations in the world has made her name quite big in the recruitment and staffing industry.

Along with her long-term portfolio management skills and her expertise in recruiting legal and compliance professionals across verticals, she has been driving her company towards new heights every single day.

She was last associated with Hughes Castell, Singapore, a legal recruitment firm where she specialised in recruiting for private practice firms for mid to senior levels.

Whilst at Hughes Castell, she worked with an extensive range of international law firms in Singapore such as Clifford Chance, Shearman & Sterling, Withers Worldwide, Holman Fenwick, Sidley Austin, Linklaters, King & Spalding, White & Case and more. Prior to Hughes Castell, she worked as a legal recruiter for RGF Management Search and Hays Specialist Recruitment, India, and was associated with the hiring for top tier law firms.

Our team got in touch with her over a quick Zoom meet amidst her packed schedule and she was kind enough to help us understand her recruitment business and more about how our recruitment software has been helping her hire talent uninterruptedly.

Set up in the year 2016, in a nutshell, Avimukta (literally translating to for those who seek) is the one-stop destination for all legal recruitment needs. They have been working with both law firms and in-house firms and have been supplying talent (across all practice areas) for 5 years now.

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The Challenge

legal recruiting

While talking about the challenges she had faced during the start of her recruitment business, she told us how reconnecting with older connections and contacts was difficult, especially since she was returning after 2 years in Singapore.

Moreover, filling job orders have always been difficult in legal recruiting since finding the right skilled professional is challenging. Global Legal Post points out that at least 91% of lawyers have stated how obtaining the right candidate is difficult and it's more than important now to fill these roles as the legal job market is booming.

Another challenge that was quite predominant was finding talent for in-house firms as they usually prefer candidates coming from an established brand. Often they weren't convinced of the candidate and what they could bring to the table. It took some time to break this corporate mindset.

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The Solution

legal recruiting

Why Did Avimukta Choose Recruit CRM?

Coming from a strong legal recruitment background, Neha states that she has always worked on a recruitment software and never with excel sheets (we all know how messy it can get right?).

"To be very honest, we were very used to working on a recruitment software because they're mostly user-friendly, saves time and eliminates a lot of data saving on excel sheets and word documents. Apart from this whenever you're working with a global firm, you can't have people physically available to take account of what you're doing. Hence, you'll need a place where you can store information and measure your daily productivity levels."

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Avimukta had invested in a recruitment software right from the very beginning since they always recognised its importance. Though they were looking at a couple of other recruitment software in the market, their decision boiled down to Recruit CRM primarily because—

  • It aligned with their vision and business needs
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • It suited their budget, and
  • Was customisable

Also, the software turned out to be a saviour during the Covid-19 lockdown since all of their data was on Recruit CRM and no one had to physically come down to the office.

The Result

legal recruiting

With fewer chances of duplication of data and knowing what her team members are doing has led her to believe that she has made the right investment at the right time. Recruit CRM has reduced the turnover rate of Avimukta effectively. In fact, she goes on to say—

"I am 100% going to recommend Recruit CRM to other legal recruitment agencies as well. I think this software opens an entire set of databases and is extremely handy. If you have a larger team of recruiters and want to manage them appropriately, this software becomes very very helpful and difficult to part with."

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