We all know how challenging the job market can be. 

Whether you’re trying to fill positions or help students and recent graduates launch their careers, the competition is fierce. 

That’s where this candid conversation with Steven Rothberg comes to the rescue.

We recently interviewed Steven for our Recruitment Unplugged series, and he has some incredible insights into how to navigate these hiring challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Let’s explore his story, the hurdles he’s faced, and the smart solutions he’s devised.

Who is Steven Rothberg?

Steven is the mastermind behind College Recruiter, a job-search platform that’s all about connecting students and recent grads with awesome career opportunities. 

He’s on a mission to ensure that every young job seeker lands a great job. 

College Recruiter has gone global now, helping millions of young individuals in multiple languages. 

Who is a college recruiter?

If you’re in the recruitment game, you know that they play a crucial role in bridging the gap between young talent and employers. 

But who exactly are they, and what makes them so important?

College recruiters are professionals dedicated to helping students and recent graduates find their first job, internship, or part-time position. 

They aim to connect young job seekers with opportunities matching their skills, interests, and career goals. 

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3 major challenges faced by college recruiters

college recruiter

1. Competing with a broad range of recruiters

First up, let’s talk about the competition. As recruiters, you’re not just up against other job boards. You’re competing with all sorts of vendors who are after the same budget. It’s a tough crowd. 

Here, Steven’s solution is to focus on high-volume recruiting

This approach has been a game-changer, helping millions of students and recent grads find their first jobs. It’s all about efficiency and meeting the high demand.

2. Adapting to technological advancements

Next, there’s the tech challenge. The job market is always changing, thanks to new technology. Keeping up can feel like a full-time job in itself. 

Steven highlights the importance of staying ahead with tools like pay-per-click and programmatic job advertising

These are the same strategies used in consumer marketing, and they’re now revolutionizing recruitment. 

3. Long recruitment cycles 

Lastly,  tackling the long recruitment cycles and the art of convincing candidates.

Recruiting can be a marathon, not a sprint. 

Steven shares how military branches approach this with a long-term view, using banner ads, events, and digital advertising in games to reach potential recruits. 

Use similar tactics, targeting the right audience and making sure you attract active job seekers. This way, you can provide employers with qualified candidates who are ready to jump in and start working.

Surprise!! We haven’t spilled all the secrets. Watch the entire interview here: