5 practical tips from Clark Willcox to leverage LinkedIn as an inbound recruitment channel

“LinkedIn can be so much more than a great place to find & connect with candidates. It can become one of your most valuable inbound channels for growing your recruiting business.”

Clark Willcox
Founder of Digital Recruiter
Clark Willcox


In my journey as a corporate recruiter, I’ve come to realize that LinkedIn is more than just a digital platform for potential candidates. 

Sure, if you’re utilizing the power of LinkedIn Recruiter, you’re already a step ahead in the talent acquisition game. 

But have you ever considered the platform as more than just a sourcing tool?

Let me break down how I like to use LinkedIn as a highly lucrative inbound channel to attract clients and keep your pipeline full.

1. Understand your target audience

I’ve found that to make the most of LinkedIn, we need to really understand our potential clients.

When we look for candidates, we use the job description to guide us. 

But there’s something more.

Using LinkedIn to bring in clients’ needs just as much understanding.

Mostly, it’s about finding out who the prominent opinion leaders and influencers are.

Take some time to figure out the exact people you want to connect with. Adjust your approach to appeal to these hiring managers; you’ll see more of them reaching out to you.

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2. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

The fastest way to stand out from the thousands of other recruiters on LinkedIn is to make your profile speak directly to your target audience. 

Optimize your LinkedIn profile by including experience relevant to hiring managers in your target industries. 

Show these connections that you understand their needs by sharing your expertise and the kind of value you can bring to them. 

A well-crafted profile makes you stand out from generalist recruiters and shows your target audience that you’re the right person to help them.

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3. Post relevant content consistently

When you connect with hiring managers or anyone from the industry, they might not need your services right away. 

To stay on their radar, keep sharing content that’s both informative and fun. 

This shows you really get the hiring challenges they face. 

Consider posting about industry updates, top hiring tips, and the kind of challenges you come across as a recruiter, along with solutions. 

Consistently posting about relevant industry issues will help you come across as an authentic and reliable source. 

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4. Engage and interact regularly

Sharing great content is a start, but being active on LinkedIn is key. 

To truly leverage the platform as an inbound recruitment channel, you must actively engage with your connections. 

Respond to comments, answer questions, and participate in relevant conversations. 

This demonstrates your knowledge, builds relationships, and increases your visibility within your target audience’s network.

5. Showcase success stories

The most perfectly-written InMail in the world isn’t nearly as good as a great success story. 

When you’ve successfully placed a candidate or achieved outstanding results for a client, don’t hesitate to share it on LinkedIn. 

Share about your past successes with businesses like theirs. Highlight the challenges you faced, the strategies you implemented, and the positive outcomes.

This not only showcases your expertise but also provides social proof to potential clients, encouraging them to trust and engage with your services.

Remember, LinkedIn can be so much more than a great place to find & connect with candidates. 

By following the strategies above, this platform can become one of your most valuable inbound channels for growing your recruiting business.

Happy recruiting!


Clark Willcox

Clark is the founder of the Digital Recruiter, a community of recruiters who are dedicated to growing their businesses using LinkedIn and other Digital Tools. He helps recruiters through the extensive Digital Recruiter Agency Mastermind program. Find out more about Clark by connecting with him on LinkedIn or visiting www.digitalrecruiter.io 


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