Here’s our latest Recruitment Unplugged session with Suzanne Lucas, also known as the “Evil HR Lady.” 

Get ready to indulge in some golden advice on how to become a true HR pro. 

Who is the “Evil HR Lady”?

Suzzane Lucas initially aspired to be a political science professor but found her true calling in HR after realizing her passion for teaching adults.

In 2006, when Suzanne started her blogging journey, she held a serious position professionally. But she sought a catchy and lighthearted name for her blog that would leave an impression.

She chose “Evil HR Lady” quickly, and it was a personal branding genius move.

The name humorously reflects the anxiety many feel about staffing, especially when they spot their HR in a meeting with the boss.

“It was the best marketing move I could have ever done, so very pleased with that!”

But in reality, Suzanne is here to help, not to be mean.

Today, after 14 years of independent work, writing, and more, she continues to be a master in the staffing world.

3 actionable ways recruiters can embrace emotional intelligence

Suzanne Lucas strongly believes that emotional intelligence (EI) is crucial in hiring. 

She says it helps to find candidates who are not only skilled but also good at handling complex relationships and situations at work. 

Here are her top tips to embrace EI:

1. Dive deeper than the resume

Gone are the days when a brilliant resume was the golden ticket. 

It’s essential for you to gauge a candidate’s ability to handle emotions and understand others.

During interviews, ask the applicants about times they’ve navigated challenging interpersonal situations. Their answers can reveal a lot about their emotional intelligence.

“It is vital to look at more and evaluate how people are going to react in certain situations than their resume.”

2. Prioritize respect and maturity 

The #MeToo movement has reshaped the corporate landscape. 

It’s no longer acceptable to turn a blind eye to inappropriate behavior, no matter how high-performing the individual is. 

You should prioritize candidates who demonstrate respect and emotional maturity.

Incorporate questions that assess an applicant’s understanding of workplace boundaries and their ability to foster respectful interactions. 

This move, in some way, also improves the candidate experience

3. Redefine cultural fit

While cultural fit is essential, it’s not about finding someone who mirrors the hiring manager. 

It’s about understanding and aligning with the company’s core values. Emotional intelligence plays a huge role in this.

Learn more about the company’s values. When assessing candidates, look for those who not only align with these values but also bring diverse perspectives and experiences.

Top 3 major reasons why humor is vital in recruiting

The “Evil HR Lady” infuses recruitment with humor, transforming hiring into an engaging and memorable experience. 

She advocates for a creative and resilient approach that turns potential setbacks into valuable learning opportunities.

Here’s why adopting a humorous perspective while recruiting can be advantageous:

1. Stimulates learning and creativity

Suzanne believes, “If you’re not laughing, you’re not learning.” 

Humor isn’t just about eliciting a laugh; it’s about stimulating the brain, encouraging creativity, and fostering an environment where new ideas can flourish. 

When you approach situations with a sense of humor, you’re more likely to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions that AI tools can’t. 

2. Makes memorable impressions

When conveying information or pitching a role to a potential candidate, presenting it with a touch of humor makes it more memorable. 

Remember, it is not about making the conversation enjoyable but ensuring that the key points stick in the candidate’s mind.

“When I can try to explain things in a way that people will recognize it and can maybe laugh a little bit, it sticks in their head, and it helps them to be able to learn.”

3. Embraces failures as positivity

No matter how brilliant a recruiter or employee relation specialist you are, you WILL make the wrong choice. 

“One of the principles of improv comedy is failing with joy… your option is to cry and never come back or to laugh and get through it.”

Instead of dwelling on the setback, humor allows you to bounce back with resilience.

Golden piece of advice for aspiring recruiters

For those stepping into the world of recruiting, or even if you have entered already, it’s essential to recognize the value of HR and the role it plays in businesses. 

But here’s the catch: just being in HR doesn’t mean you’ve mastered it. 

“Recognize your own limitations, and ASK the right questions.”

You should know when to pose questions and when to seek advice.

So, for all the budding recruiters out there, embrace continuous learning and always be open to asking the right questions.

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