Keirsten Greggs is turning the recruitment world upside down with her groundbreaking job marketing strategies. 

In her recent interview with Recruitment Unplugged, she talks about how she uses food, text recruiting, and her own special touch to make hiring better for everyone involved. 

That’s not it, she also mentions—

  • Her go-to resources to stay updated
  • Tips for preventing burnout
  • Impact of candidate rejection on emotional well-being

Watch to know how mixing fun with work can really pay off big time in recruiting.

Who is the TRAP recruiter? 

Popularly known as the TRAP recruiter, Keirsten Greggs, a seasoned Talent Acquisition Consultant and the visionary founder of Trap Recruiter LLC, has been bridging the gap between job seekers and employers for 23 years. 

Greggs’ journey wasn’t always smooth sailing, though. She tried her hand at a bunch of different jobs, soaking up knowledge along the way. But deep down, she knew there was something more she wanted to do.

That’s when she found her true passion—recruiting

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keirsten greggs on job marketing strategies

3 quirky job marketing techniques that actually work

1. Food brings people together

“Anytime you get people food, they’re gonna show up!” 

You know the saying, “The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach”? 

Turns out, it applies to job fairs and meet-and-greets too. Hosting an event with the promise of good food is a clever way to draw in potential candidates. 

People show up in a good mood (because, food!), and that sets the stage for more meaningful conversations than you’d get in a traditional, more sterile job fair setting. 

It’s a relaxed atmosphere where real connections can be made.

2. Cattle-call is off the charts

Gone are the days of cattle-call where candidates used to stand in lines with their resumes in hands, waiting for a three-minute chat that ends in disappointment. 

Now, imagine events designed for actual networking, where companies and job seekers can mingle, share stories, and connect on a personal level. 

Even better, consider multiple organizations coming together to create a dynamic space for opportunity and collaboration. These events serve as career-building communities for applicants, helping you build a talent pipeline

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3. Texting is the new norm 

The idea of text recruiting might make some of you do a double-take. 

But today, when everyone’s glued to their phones, what better way to reach potential candidates than by popping up in their messages? 

Sure, it’s unconventional and might feel a bit odd at first. 

But for the job seeker who prefers texting over calls or emails, it’s a direct line to engagement. 

Always try to meet people where they are, and if they’re on their phones, texting is the most effective way to reach out to them. 

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