Cracking the code of recruitment success is not easy. But what if you could have access to some of the top recruitment advice from industry experts? 

Well, you’re in luck because we tried to enter their minds in our latest chat with them (on our Youtube channel), and you’ll love what they had to say! 

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting responses we got. 

1. What is one superpower recruiters wish they had?

We get it; recruiting is tough! But have you ever thought about special powers that can help you turn into a super-recruiter?

We have! That’s why we decided to turn the tables and ask recruiters themselves: if you could have one superpower to excel in your work, what would it be? 

The responses were as entertaining as they were enlightening– 

Surprising? Now we know how much you would love to read your candidate’s thoughts. Just imagine how much easier your job would become! No more worrying about candidate ghosting or finding the wrong cultural fit. 

  • Ability to know the future: On the other hand, Richard Halls and Ellie Dailey emphasize wanting to see the future every time they can.

Quite convenient, no? 

2. What is your advice for new recruiters? 

All our experts had different answers to this question. 

Donna Levan believes in the world of recruitment, it’s all about playing the long game as she says, “Just keep at it!”

“Be a sponge! Absorb as much information as possible,” advises one of our guests. He believes hearing new things and soaking them in is what will keep you ahead in the game.

Building relationships, understanding the market, and asking every time you feel lost are some of the golden bits of advice others poured in. 

3. What is the most important thing about the candidate experience?

recruitment advice

When we asked our recruiters about candidate experience, they had some keen observations. They all agreed on one common theme–clear communication and transparency.

But Aaron Gonsalves, one of our recruiters, emphasized one thing above all, and that is respect. He said, “Make sure that the candidate is treated with respect all the way throughout the process”

Now, isn’t that an idea we can all get behind?

4. Which are your most used recruitment tools?

Our recruiters got super excited when asked this question. They named some of their favorite recruitment tools, with one platform topping the list, without surprise, and that’s LinkedIn!

With its vast network of professionals and in-depth user profiles, LinkedIn remains a top choice for sourcing and connecting with potential candidates. 

Apart from LinkedIn, a top-notch applicant tracking system is also a top priority for all recruiters. 

5. What are the top qualities of an ideal recruiter?

The responses were as diverse as the recruiters themselves, yet a few key themes emerged that paint a picture of what it takes to excel in this challenging field.

First and foremost, empathy stood out as a critical quality. An ideal recruiter has the ability to put themselves in the shoes of both the candidate and the employer. 

This empathetic approach allows them to understand the needs, fears, and aspirations of each party.

Excellent communication skills were another top quality highlighted by our recruiters. They must be able to articulate job roles and expectations to candidates, relay feedback, and negotiate offers. 

Lastly, an ideal recruiter understands the human element of the hiring process

They know that they’re not just filling vacancies – they’re impacting people’s lives. This understanding drives them to ensure that the recruitment process is fair, transparent, and respectful. 

Want to know more of their insights? Watch the full video here.