This video game-turned-film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg caused quite a storm at the box office earlier this year. And, now that it’s out on Netflix, fans couldn’t be more stoked!

With its remarkable storyline and extraordinary characters, Uncharted offers something for all, even recruiters!

So, get your seat all buckled up because you’re about to fly into the ‘uncharted’ territory of recruitment lessons from this iconic film!

Let’s go!

5 Lessons Recruiters Can Learn from the Fearless Characters of Uncharted

Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan, and Chloe Frazer; all boss characters, right? Let’s see what they have to offer you.

1. Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Lessons recruiters can learn from the characters of Unchartered
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“Oh my God! I’m so sorry. That was totally reactive,” says Nathan Drake as he kicks a man while attempting to board a plane in a scene straight from the Uncharted video game.

But what’s the real problem here? They had already boarded the jet, were in the air and were traversing cargo pallets thrown from the plane.

The man Nathan kicked was the villain!

After doing so, he expressed regret and apologized. However, his reaction was entirely reactive.

When you are reactive, you act on instinct or instruction and do not really give much thought to your actions. Whereas being proactive means anticipating a problem and being ready to address it before it scales into something bigger.

But you need to be more than that. You must be proactive.

Now coming to recruiters, publishing a job posting, and just hoping for the best isn’t really an ideal technique for attracting top talent.

The same is true for bridging talent gaps. You can’t act only when the situation becomes dire.

Developing a proactive recruitment approach opens the door to regulating and improving not just candidate experience, but also attracting top talent.

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2. Secrets Breed Distrust

Lessons recruiters can learn from the characters of Unchartered
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At the start of their voyage, Victor told Nathan that out of the two keys they required, he possessed the first one. The second key was all he needed.

This turned out to be a lie. Victor didn’t have the first key. The key was in the hands of Chloe Frazer.


Nathan’s trust in Victor was shaken when he discovered this.

Lies only serve to damage you, along with the people that rely on you. These include your clients, candidates, and your team.

Your clients, candidates, and recruitment team deserve the utmost transparency from you at each stage. Lying and withholding information will not only create distrust but also lead to gaps while hiring.

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3. Sometimes Teams Must Split up

Lessons recruiters can learn from the characters of Unchartered
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Nathan, Victor, and Chloe set out to find the treasure in a church. They had to split up when they arrived.

Nathan and Chloe went underground. Victor climbed topside and higher. Their paths branched, but they had the same goal.

It might not be easy to divide a team, especially a successful crew. But there are times when teams must be split.

Most of the time, it is merely temporary. The divide is intended to assist the team in accomplishing what they could not do together.

Take a look at your team. Will splitting help you achieve your goals on time?

Assigning individual tasks to team members with a collective end goal can help quicken the process as well as make it more efficient.

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4. Diverse is Good

Lessons recruiters can learn from the characters of Unchartered
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“Diversified investment…” mentions Santiago Moncada in the film.

Santiago had hired two people to do his dirty work; Jo Braddock and Chloe.

The pair weren’t aware of this.

Eventually, the two met. We find out that Jo and Chloe are completely opposite personalities and Santiago needed exactly this to accomplish his goal.

Sometimes, that’s just what a team needs; different sets of skills and perspectives to complete one common task.

Apart from having diverse members on your recruitment team, ensure you are focusing on DEI when hiring for your clients while not letting personal bias hinder your judgments.

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5. Give Your Team the Credit They Deserve

Lessons recruiters can learn from the characters of Unchartered
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“Look around, kid. You did this. He’d be proud of you.” You guessed it right! These are the words of Victor Sullivan.

Victor never claimed credit for discovering Magellan’s ships or the treasure. Instead, he gave all the credit to Nathan.

More importantly, he assured him that Sam would have been proud of him.

That makes a big difference. Bigger than you think!

Your team deserves to be acknowledged. Give them the credit they earned for bringing your agency to where it is today. Figure out how you can make them feel even more special.

Well-appreciated people are happier and more productive.

You constantly focus on providing your candidates and clients with a great experience. So, why neglect your team?

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Don’t forget to take note of these helpful lessons characters like Nathan, Sully, and Santiago have to offer to get fruitful results every time you recruit.

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